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Steps to curing emotional problems

   Steps to curing emotional problems.

      1. Turn to God;  determine to take him and his commandments 

      2. Commit yourself to a life of moral principle. 

      3. Pledge yourself to the pursuit of total honesty and truth 
          in all things.

      4. Commit yourself to moral purity (no smiling at indecent 

      5. Commit yourself to friendliness, openness, warmth, and 
          benevolence toward people.  Put away all anger, malice 
          and hatred. 

      6. Put away all cynicism, scorn and sarcasm. 

      7. Put away all gossiping, slander, and evil speaking about 

      8. Commit yourself to humility.  Put away pride.  Pursue 

      9. Put away argument and strife.  Seek peaceableness, quiet 
          and order.

      10. Pursue Simplicity, Sincerity, Goodness, and Truth.  
          Renounce all pretense.  Cultivate naturalness. 

   Nov 1977

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