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Basic philosophies and assumptions tacitly held by the ungodly

   - The bad man always wins; good men lose.

   - Trickery and deceit are the only way to get what you want in 
       this world; honesty does not pay. 

   - You have to be hard.  You can't worry about sentiment or 
       other people. 

   - All sex is ok, inside marriage or out.  All sex is only 
       normal response to biological need, hurts nobody, and is 
       all ok. 

   - One must not be too straight or too religious; it is 
       unhealthy.  You will be laughed at and ostracized.  You 
       have to go along with the crowd.  You have to bend and go 
       along if you want to be accepted.  Otherwise you will find 
       yourself all alone. 

   - If it doesn't hurt anybody it is ok.

   - Live for the moment; enjoy the moment; if it gives pleasure 
       it is good. 

   - If everyone else is doing it, it is ok.

   - Whatever is enjoyable is good.

   - Everything is governed by appearance in this world.  
       Appearance is everything; substance is nothing.  The point 
       is to "look good". 

   Oct 1977

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