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Envy and Jealousy

Envy. n. 1. a feeling of resentment or discontent over another’s superior attainments, endowments, or possessions; discontent or ill-will at another’s good fortune because one wishes it had been his; dislike for a person who has what one wants. 2. a desire to possess the goods of another.

Endowment. n. any natural gift, as talent or beauty.

Envious. adj. full of, characterized by, or expressing envy.

Jealous. adj. 1. fearful or suspicious of being displaced by a rival in affection or favors; disposed to suspect rivalry or unfaithfulness; fearful that a person one loves may love or prefer someone else. 2. vindictive toward another because of supposed or actual rivalry. 3. envious.

Rival. n. one who strives to equal or excel another, as in the pursuit of the same object as another.

            From: Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary, Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, World Book Dictionary

Like lust and pride, envy and jealousy are two of the most common and universal of human spiritual afflictions. I have been observing them since my childhood days. Through the years I have observed them, over and over and over again, wreaking their havoc. So many people are afflicted by them. They are demons. They kill personal happiness and peace of mind. They will ruin a person’s life. Happy is the person who is free of them.

Jealousy in a marriage can be a terrible curse. It can destroy a marriage and create a hellhole for a home. A wise person takes great care to give his spouse no reason for jealousy.

Apr 2017

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