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A young Christian baker and his wife fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple

A couple years ago a young Christian baker and his wife (Aaron and Melissa Klein) in Oregon were ordered by a judge to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple — and when they refused, were fined $135,000. (In addition, they were ordered by the judge to stop publicly talking about their religious beliefs and their bank accounts were raided.) I ask this question: What does the simple fact that such a thing could possibly happen in some country say about that country? What are its implications about the character of the country, about its justice, its moral values, what kind of country it is? It was an action of the American court system. By Biblical standards, from the outlook of Christianity (true Christianity), homosexuality is wickedness of the very highest order. Homosexual marriage is high wickedness! To me, this court ruling was just so obscene, so shocking, so gross, that it is just hard to conceive of such a thing happening in my country. And its implications are chilling. To me the simple fact that it happened says everything. Nothing more needs to be said. I need know nothing more than the simple fact that it happened to form a very radical and bad opinion of America! I don’t care what good points one might cite for America. I don’t care if America is wealthy or if it does provide employment opportunities. The American right and American left debate all kinds of questions. To me none of those questions that they debate have any importance in comparison to what happened in this court case. It would be analogous to me living in Nazi Germany and suddenly learning that my country was murdering millions of Jews. In comparison with that shocking fact, nothing else, no other questions, would have any importance. Learning such a thing would have a very dramatic affect on my opinion of my country! And this incident happened in “the land of the free”, the land of supposed religious freedom. Just what does this tell me about this “land of the free”?

This court case tells just an enormous amount about the liberal left and what it is and stands for. The liberal left is evil. The liberal left is diametrically opposed to everything I am, everything I have ever been. It is the enemy of Goodness and Decency, enemy of God, enemy of Christianity. This court ruling was an obscene spit in the face of God! This couple was told to bow down to Satan. They refused so they were fined $135,000. The message is clear to them and to all others. Bow down to Satan or we will destroy you! That is how I see it. That is the way I think any real Christian would see it. This is the new America! Evil men rule and the Good are smashed down! And it is all enshrined into the law of the land! Our constitution and our supposed liberties no longer have any weight. They have been superceded by our anti-discrimination laws. And Americans take it all in stride. They just move on to debate other matters. How much outcry has there been?

Apr 2017

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