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Liberal arrogance

Great, unbounded arrogance. Shocking presumption. It is a characteristic of liberalism, socialism. It is illustrated in the way the Communists in various countries (Russia, China, Cambodia, etc.) expropriated the land of farmers and forced them onto communes. No sense of justice. No sense of ownership or property rights. No sense of right. They are above moral law. They are gods who can do whatever they wish. According to their progressive socialistic ideas, their dogmas, they have a better way, a superior way. They know how to create a better society, a superior society, and nothing will stop them. The ends justify the means. The people who disagree with them, disagree with their ideas, are fools, idiots. They don’t count. They deal with them the way Hitler dealt with Jews.

What are we talking about? We are talking about a presumptive, arrogant attitude that is so sure of itself, so sure of the validity of its ideas, that it is willing to force its ideas on an entire population for their own good whether they like it or not.

Seeing such things occurring in some foreign country is one thing. Seeing people in high positions of power in your own land demonstrating this kind of mind is something else. It is scary. It is enough to make one do some serious thinking. And if one perceives that those people in power demonstrating this kind of mind are really fools, it is real cause for concern.

In the United States the government trying to force an acceptance of homosexuality down the throats of the American people. It sounds like the same kind of mentality to me. I find that really scary. And I think we are only seeing the beginning. I see very black days ahead for America. All this “political correctness” here in America. It is not good. Things are not going in the right direction. Reason, sense and truth are being trampled in the name of an ideology. A foolish and false ideology. Dark days are ahead!

June 2016

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