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On various value systems

I was recently watching a YouTube video on Thailand in which a American who lives in Thailand (and is married to a Thai woman), was responding to a question that he said he was often asked: How do you find a good Thai girl? He gave a number of pointers on how to distinguish a good Thai girl from a bad one. The following are some of his pointers:

● A good Thai girl doesn’t go to bars and doesn’t drink (although some may drink a little socially, drinking is frowned on in Thailand).


● A good Thai girl doesn’t smoke.


● A good Thai girl doesn’t use low, vulgar, or obscene language.


● A good Thai girl doesn’t have her body covered with tattoos.


● A good Thai girl isn’t bold and won’t be asking for money.


● A good Thai girl won’t be wearing a lot of expensive jewelry (she will be modest and tasteful in her use of jewelry).


(I suspect that his Thai wife may have helped him out on this question). Anyway, on hearing these points that he made, my reaction was: “How very refreshing to know that in some parts of the world people still have their values straight and know right from wrong! These are the Christian values and outlooks of my childhood! How very nice it would be to live among that kind of people!”


Thailand is, of course, a Buddhist country. Is it not interesting that the views and outlooks on these kinds of things in a Buddhist country could be so close to those of Christianity (true Christianity)? In fact, I believe that the value system of Buddhism is very close to the value system of Christianity. By this I mean that I think that a good, right-thinking Buddhist would regard lying, stealing, murder, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy, drunkenness, malice, envy, etc. as wrong and bad, just as would a Christian (a true Christian). His concept of a good person would be about the same as that of a Christian: an honest, morally upright, kind, modest, morally pure, peaceable, godly man. And I believe that the basic value system of most of the other major world religions — Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, Confucian (if you want to regard it as a religion), Shinto, etc. — are all basically the same as that of Christianity. I think that, for the most part, what they would view as a good man would be about the same as what a Christian would view as a good man. In other words, there is almost universal agreement among the major religions about what constitutes good conduct and what constitutes bad conduct (It is true that some religions allow polygamy but polygamy was the rule in Old Testament days and most of the god-fearing men of the Old Testament had multiple wives. The New Testament takes the position that monogamy is superior to polygamy, but I know of no place in Old or New Testament where it says polygamy is wrong.) In addition to this, if one examines the writings of the ancient Greek thinkers, one finds their ideas of what constitutes good conduct and bad conduct is very close to that of Christianity. Isn’t all of this very interesting? Why do you suppose this would be true? Some of the religions or belief systems have very different origins. One might suppose that religions of different origins might have very different value systems. I suspect that the answer is that we all, as humans, have a mind and a conscience, a knowledge of right and wrong, and experience in life — and reason, conscience, good sense and understanding of man’s basic nature leads one to one particular value system. Thus the same Truth was arrived at by different cultures leading to this kind of agreement. I now observe that the value system of the modern West, whose origin lies in liberal leftist thought, is very different. Leftist liberal thought, the kind of thinking that characterizes it, its basic assumptions, and the “political correctness” that it has produced is everywhere clashing with the value system of Christianity. Its value system is like the inverse of that of Christianity, where a sin as gross as homosexuality, is sanctioned and applauded. It is a value system in antagonism with Christianity, an enemy of Christianity. Why is this? It is because modern liberal thought is atheistic and ideological at bottom. It starts with some basic assumptions (the assumption that there is no god is one of them) and from those basic assumptions it arrives at a very different value system. From those basic assumptions, the West has abandoned Christianity (and all Truth itself) and evolved into the great debauched Sodom that it has become. Arrogant people who think they are smarter than anyone else (including the greatest thinkers of past ages), have had the audacity to boldly set up their own system and attempted to impose it on society. It is closely related to socialism and Communism, with their basic assumptions and outlooks. Communism doesn’t work. It has been tried in many places and just doesn’t work. It was tried by different ancient peoples. Following are some excerpts from Aristotle regarding it:


“Such [communistic] legislation may have a specious appearance of benevolence; men readily listen to it, and are easily induced to believe that in some wonderful manner everybody will become everybody's friend, especially when some one is heard denouncing the evils now existing in states, suits about contracts, convictions for perjury, flatteries of rich men and the like, which are said to arise out of the possession of private property. These evils, however, are due to a very different cause - the wickedness of human nature. Indeed, we see that there is much more quarreling among those who have all things in common, though there are not many of them when compared with the vast numbers who have private property.”


 “the greater the number of owners, the less the respect for common property. People are much more careful of their personal possessions than of those owned communally; they exercise care over common property only in so far as they are personally affected.”


The West has produced a entire body of thought and outlook that is Lie, in direct conflict with Truth and Goodness. Godless, evil, foolish lie, straight from Satan.


Dec 2015

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