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What are the most moral countries of the world?

In what countries of the world are the people most moral? In what countries are they least moral? What are the most immoral, depraved countries of the world? Could one compile a morality index for the various countries of the world? I think one can. To answer this question the thought occurred to me to search the internet for the illegitimate birth rate of different countries of the world. I felt that would tell me a great deal. I found the following:


 Illegitimate birth rate by country

Percent of births outside of marriage, 2008 - 2009


            Country                               Percent


            Kenya                                     19 %

            Nigeria                                     6

            South Africa                           59


            China                                      <1

            India                                       <1

            Indonesia                                 1

            Japan                                       2

            Philippines                              37

            South Korea                            2

            Taiwan                                     4


            France                                     53

            Germany                                 32

            Italy                                        18

            Poland                                    20

            Spain                                      32

            Sweden                                   55

            United Kingdom                     45

Latin America

            Argentina                                58

            Chile                                       68

            Colombia                                74

            Mexico                                   55

            Peru                                        69

Middle East

            Egypt                                      <1

            Saudi Arabia                           <1


            Canada                                    25

            United States                          41


            Australia                                 33

            New Zealand                          47

Source: Global Children’s Trends,

The Sustainable Demographic Dividend

c/o The Social Trends Institute

Carrer L'abadessa Olzet, 23

08034 Barcelona Spain

For the year 2012, the illegitimate birth rate for the United States was 40.7 % with a breakdown as follows:


Non-Hispanic blacks                          72.2%

American Indians                               66.9

Hispanics                                            53.5

Non-Hispanic Whites                         29.4

Asians/Pacific Islanders                     17.1


Source: US Government compilation of birth data


The above statistics tell me just worlds about the peoples in the different countries of the world. It tells me a huge amount, an immense amount, about the different peoples. It tells me that the people of Nigeria with a illegitimate birth rate of 6% are a far more moral people than the people of the USA with an illegitimacy rate of 41%. It tells me that the people of Confucian China, Hindu India, and Muslim Indonesia with illegitimate birth rates of one percent or less are good, decent moral people. It tells me they are people with good vision who know right from wrong (unlike the case in some countries of our world). It tells me they are the kind of people I would like to know, would like to associate with. And what opinion should I have of the people of Sweden with an illegitimacy rate of 55%? Or the people of France with an illegitimacy rate of 53%? Or the people of the countries of Latin America with illegitimacy rates that range from Mexico at 55% to Colombia at 74%? A person’s sexual behavior tells a world about him. That is a fact. And the percentage of illegitimate births in a country tells one everything about the social attitudes in the country in regard to promiscuous sex. It shows which societies have lax, easy attitudes on illicit sex and which societies take sexual morality seriously. It shows which societies are sexually promiscuous and just how promiscuous they are.

In the Biblical outlook sexual immorality is sin of the very highest order. In Christianity, moral purity is of highest importance, an absolute requirement. What do we see when we examine the above table? We see that the good, decent moral people of the world are the Hindus, Confucians, Buddhists, Shintoists, etc. i.e. the non-Christian peoples of the world. And that the promiscuous, immoral, depraved people of the world are those in the (so-called) Christian countries of the world. What does this mean? Well, it is not a reflection on Christianity. It means the western world has abandoned Christianity (the real Christianity). It has “advanced” past it. It is now too far advanced intellectually to believe in Christianity. It may call itself Christian but its Christianity is a false, corrupted Christianity — not true Christianity. It has twisted Christianity, “improved it”, changed it to accord with its own moral degeneracy. The western world, under the influence of modern liberalism, has boldly created for itself its own religion, Humanism, an atheistic religion (or philosophy) with its own moral ideas. Humanism stands in sharp opposition to, not just Christianity, but to most religions of the world. And the fruit of Humanism is the depraved state of affairs that we see today in the western world. The Humanistic outlook leads directly to moral depravity.

The institution of marriage is thousands of years old. It is a proven system. Its value and importance to society has been understood by thoughtful men of all cultures for ages. It has been the accepted norm in every culture from ancient Egypt to ancient India to ancient China for millennia. Only modern western man in his great intellectual arrogance has had the audacity to go against all the wisdom of the past and dismiss the importance of marriage. Every child deserves a mother and a father. It is important to the child. It is important to society. A person does great injustice to a child by having him out of wedlock. He has perpetrated a crime against him just by doing that. And he has perpetrated a crime against society by doing it. Doing it has consequences. What is the link between illegitimacy and high rates of juvenile delinquency in our country? What are the social costs of all this juvenile delinquency? Consider the effect on our society of all the great multitudes of single mothers and their illegitimate prodigy on our welfare rolls (that everyone is forced to support). Sexual immorality is an underlying cause of a whole lot of problems in a society. There is no sin that causes so many problems in a society as sexual immorality. With a breakdown in sexual morality comes a general breakdown in society. And the western world is seeing this and reaping the consequences.

A society cannot condone gross sexual immorality and be a moral society. It cannot condone it and be a good society. The Hindus know that. The Buddhists know it. The Confucians know it. And a true Christian knows it.


Note. The numbers in the above table give the percentage of the children born in a country that are illegitimate. Comparing these numbers for different countries gives an idea of the amount of illicit sex occurring in a country. However, these numbers don’t represent the percentage of the population of a country that is engaging in illicit sex. If half of the babies born in a country are illegitimate, this doesn’t mean that half of the population is engaging in illicit sex. Most women engaging in illicit sex probably use contraceptives and don’t get pregnant. And if they do get pregnant, a large fraction of them probably get an abortion. For this reason, if half of the births in a country are illegitimate, probably far more than half of the population engages in illicit sex.

Feb 2015

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