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Forty years of homosexual propaganda

For at least forty years now Americans have been under a heavy barrage of pro-homosexual messages, homosexual propaganda. There has been a very strong effort by very powerful forces to manipulate, influence, and mold public opinion on homosexuality; to create a favorable, sympathetic image of homosexuality. The liberal elite in this country managed to create a climate in which the “in thing” was to have sympathy for homosexuals, to portray them as an unfairly maligned group, a group that is unfairly discriminated against. And to portray those who were opposed to homosexuality as bigots, as bad people. Congress passed laws against discriminating against homosexuals. The pro-homosexual stance became the only correct stance. The Biblical stance that it was wrong, high sin, became politically incorrect and unacceptable. Homosexual organizations fought hard to use public schools to indoctrinate young school children into views and attitudes that are favorable towards homosexuality. (The tactic worked well. Most of the younger generation has been indoctrinated.) The mass media were all pro-homosexual. No one was willing to publically stand up for the Biblical position on the subject. They were cowards. It was not a socially acceptable position and they didn’t want to be laughed at, ridiculed. Finally, the situation became such that no one dared to stand against the homosexuals. If anyone dared stand up against them his career would be ruined. He would be denounced from every direction and he would be fired from his job. Well, the homosexuals and their allies have won. Their methods and tactics worked. All the intimidation worked. And people are gullible, naive. They believe what they are told. They follow the “in” crowd; they follow fashion, not just in clothes, but also in ideas. They are told lies. They believe the lies. We now have a situation where a very large portion of the public is favorably inclined toward homosexuality, is sympathetic toward it. We have a situation where enough people are sympathetic toward it that the US Supreme Court suddenly feels comfortable in, with one obscene stroke, forcing homosexual marriage down the throats of the American public, even after most states had outlawed it. So the liberals have won. The homosexuals and their friends have won. They have created the America they want. They think they have won. But they have not won because homosexuality is high sin. And sin brings its consequences. They have not won because there is a God in heaven who will straighten everything out in the end. They have not won because there is a great Day of Judgment and they are never going to get past it. They are criminals. They have perverted the youth. They have perverted the country. They will all pay. The Devil will collect what is owed him. May God have mercy on their immortal souls.

Feb 2015

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