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God has given with great generosity. Man is an ingrate.

How great is God! How great is that Most High God! How great are the works of His hands! How marvelous is this world that he has created!

Distances in outer space are so huge, so mind-boggling, that they are expressed in light years, where a light year is the distance light will travel in one year. Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second and a light year corresponds to a distance of 5,860,000,000,000 miles.

The average distance of the earth from the sun is around 93,000,000 miles. The diameter of our solar system, using the diameters of the orbits of the farthest known comets, is around 1.6 light years. Our solar system is only a very tiny part, a speck, in a galaxy called the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a giant disk-like cluster of hundreds of billions of stars that is about 100,000 light years across and about 10,000 light years thick. The Milky Way is only a single galaxy in a cluster of what has been estimated to be more than 170 billion galaxies. And there may well be more clusters beyond that. Galaxies range from dwarfs with as few as ten million stars to giants with a hundred trillion stars. Now what do you think of all this? What kind of distances are we talking about? And what kind of God put all this in place?

I cannot study physics or chemistry or biology or any other science without it becoming a religious experience. All of the deep and profound mechanisms, processes, and laws put me in amazement and wonder. Just the human body itself with all its organs, glands, and systems all working together, each doing its own particular job is a real marvel when you reflect on it. And consider the process by which a young baby is formed in the womb with some cells becoming a lung, others a heart, others eyes, etc. to form a human being. Wow! It is stunning! I am sitting in awe at that Most High God! What kind of intelligence designed, created and built all of this that we see about us?! From the world of the ant, to the world of the atom, to the processes by which each species (plant and animal) reproduces itself, I see God’s fingerprints, His great intelligence, His wisdom, His understanding, His hand, His work! Oh, how great He is! Oh, how puny and insignificant man is!

The evidence that surrounds all of us is crystal clear. How can anyone doubt that some supreme being has created all this?! Do you tell me it just happened?! Are you serious!? What is the statistical likelihood of something as complicated and wonderful as the human body just happening?! Only a fool would assert such a thing! Reason says there must be a God! The smallest amount of thought and reflection says there must be a God! How can anyone not believe in a God! How can an atheist exist in this world? One must be totally blind to assert such a foolish thing! How do you explain the phenomenon of atheists? They are totally blind! Satan has covered their eyes! Satan, the great deceiver, is behind it! He knows how to manipulate minds! I am serious! People believe things, not because their mind tells them it is so, not because Reason says it is true, but because some fool has told them it is true, or because many others believe it and they are following the crowd. It is fashionable to believe it and so they, wanting to be in fashion, believe it. And perhaps because they would like to believe it. Wicked, depraved man would like to believe there is no God because if there is a God, he can expect punishment for his wickedness. I can have no respect for an atheist! I see great foolishness and dishonesty there.

Mankind discovers just a tiny portion, a tiny speck, in the great universe of Truth and Knowledge and his head grows big, and he becomes arrogant and haughty, and he thinks he is some kind of god. There is a saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Man learns a little, discovers a little about this world, and says, “Oh, look what I have accomplished! How great I am!” He gives no glory or praise to God. He gives all praise and glory to himself. He gives his Creator not an ounce, not a good word! Instead of worshiping the God who created it all, he bows himself down to man and worships man. Man is a fool. He knows nothing, he has learned nothing, he understands nothing, he appreciates nothing! He spits at God, is contemptuous of him, defies him, denies him. Oh, how foolish! What a fool he is! May God have mercy on his eternal soul!

Appreciation. Appreciation of what others have done for you. Appreciation for what you have received. It is important in this world. Have you ever done good things and received no thanks or appreciation? Have you ever helped people and then been slapped in the face? Man has been slapping God in the face for ages. God has been good to him. He has given him everything. He has given him a great, beautiful and wonderful world to live in; he has given him food and sustenance. He has made his sun to shine and the rains to come. Man is an ingrate. Don’t think all this ingratitude and arrogance will be overlooked. There is a final Judgment Day. It won’t be overlooked. Man stands in defiance of God. He transgresses every rule God has given. He sets himself up as his own god. He lives immorally, wickedly, as he pleases. He has snubbed God, ignored him, scorned him, denied his existence. God has warned him, warned of dire consequences. Man is hardheaded. He won’t listen. He continues in his stubborn ways. He has no excuse whatsoever. The great universe stands for all to see. God’s glory stands before all of us. His great gift to us leaves no excuses.

God is good. He had so much love and concern for stubborn, sinful man that he came down to this world in the form of Jesus Christ, to personally bring a message to man, to make a final try at reconciliation, to make a final attempt to help him. How was he received? Man rejected him, rejected his message, and crucified him. Man crucified his creator. What do you think of that? Jesus was so self-sacrificing, so good, that he quietly, selflessly gave his life for the sins of sinful man (this sacrifice, however, only applies to effect the redemption of those men who choose to follow him - the true Christian). Has there been gratitude on the part of man for this great selfless action of Jesus? Has there been any thanks? There has been none. Man is an ingrate. So-called Christians have lived immorally, wickedly, ignored all that Jesus taught. They have dirtied the name Christian by their wicked living and sullied the honor of Jesus Christ. God is a god of moral purity. Christianity and impurity don’t mix. May God have mercy on their eternal souls!

Mar 2013

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