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The important things in life

   What are the important things in life?  Let us list them:

       -  a good trustworthy mate with a nice disposition

       -  good health

       -  a home where there is peace, harmony, warmth and 

       -  knowing yourself, liking yourself, "having it all 
          together"; feeling sure of your priorities and sure 
          that you know what is important in life and what 
          isn't;  a relaxed, confident outlook on life.

       -  a degree of financial independence

   What are the worst things in life?

       -  feeling confused about life;  general unhappiness;  
          having emotional or mental problems that plague and 
          torment you (such as an inferiority complex, for 
          example); lack of emotional balance, psychological 

       -  a husband or wife that is untrustworthy or difficult to 
          live with 

       -  a home where strife, discord, confusion, anger, malice, 
          spite, hatred, jealousy, etc. reign 

       -  feelings of insecurity

       -  poor health

       -  abuse and mistreatment from a boss or someone in 
          authority over you 


       To have a home where there is warmth and affection you must 
          be a warm and affectionate person yourself.  You must 
          treat your mate well.  To have a home where peace and 
          harmony reign you must be a reasonable and peace-loving 
          person yourself. 

       To have good health you must look to your health and live 
          by healthy habits.  You must refrain from such unhealthy 
          habits as smoking, drinking, using drugs, overeating, 

       To have a good, trustworthy mate you must select your mate 
          with prudence and judgment.  Romantic attraction is not 
          enough.  He must be a good, dependable person, made out 
          of good material, a person of character --- and of 
          pleasant disposition. 

       To know yourself, like yourself and be true to yourself you 
          must give top priority to spiritual things.  You must 
          seek spiritual truth.  You must love God and love the 
          Righteousness, Goodness and Virtue that he stands for. 

       To achieve financial independence you must learn thrift and 
          economy.  You must learn to lower your wants and demands 
          and learn to be content with little. 

   Mar 1985

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