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The loyal and affectionate dog --- a good example for people

   Why are dogs such popular pets?  Why do people develop such 
   strong bonds of affection and love for dogs?  Isn't it because 
   dogs have such a capacity for affection, love and friendship 
   themselves?  When you come home from work the dog comes running 
   to greet you with his tail wagging.  He jumps up on you.  He is 
   so happy to see you!  His feelings are so visible!  They show 
   in his every bound and movement.  The dog can serve as a good 
   example for people.  Can a dog talk?  No.  Does he go around 
   telling his owners that he loves them.  No.  But he speaks 
   without words.  His actions speak for him.  They tell what his 
   true feelings are.  It is the same way with people.  Their true 
   feelings are best discerned by watching their actions.  Forget 
   their words.  Just watch what they do.  There are a number of 
   proverbs that make this point:  "Actions speak louder than 
   words", "What you are speaks so loud people can't hear what you 
   say", etc..  It is the things a person does, the things he 
   doesn't do, an expression on his face, a tone in his voice, the 
   initial reactions and responses to surprise occurrences, the 
   little signs here and there that reveal his true feelings, 
   inclinations and disposition.  So one lesson that the dog can 
   provide for us is that it is not words that reveal true 
   affection.  Rather the affection reveals itself of its own 
   accord if it is there.  There are other lessons that the dog 
   can provide, too.  What is it that makes us love a dog?  It is 
   his simple and honest love and affection for us isn't it?  A 
   love that is honest from an animal that is honest.  There is no 
   guile,  deception or dishonesty with the dog.  He has a noble 
   and honest heart.  And a loyal heart.  His affection and 
   friendship will remain true throughout his life.  All this can 
   give us a lesson in the power of honesty and true affection to 
   engender love in return.  It is a lesson in the power of honest 
   affection and love. 

   We have said much about the capacities of a dog for affection, 
   warmth and love.  It is interesting to note something.  The dog 
   is a meat-eater.  That means that in his wild state he lives by 
   seeking, pursuing, and preying upon other creatures.  He is a 
   predator and a killer.  That is the way he was made.  And that 
   is not a very affectionate and loving characteristic.  It is a 
   good example of the kind of sharp contradictions and confusing 
   paradoxes that we find so often in life.  It is not a gentle 
   herbivore but a fierce carnivore that makes such a loyal and 
   affectionate friend for man. 

   Oct 1985

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