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A wise man knows

   A wise man knows that "a stitch in time saves nine" and that 
   "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".  And because 
   he knows this he anticipates possible troubles, problems and 
   bad situations before they arise and acts to prevent them.  He 
   sees dangers and avoids them.  He lives his life in such a way 
   as to minimize problems.  Knowing how it is often so much 
   easier to avoid a problem in the first place than it is to 
   solve it after you get it, he is always applying the ounce of 
   prevention.  In a world filled with dangers he steps with 
   caution.  And because of this he has far fewer problems than do 
   most people.  The wise man knows the foolishness of laziness 
   and the importance of hard work, self-discipline and 
   perseverance in life and he is a hard worker.  He knows the 
   importance of frugality and saving money and he saves his 
   money.  He is no waster.  The wise man knows the value of good 
   health and takes matters of health seriously.  For here again, 
   an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  He watches 
   his diet and keeps his weight in check.  He takes care of his 
   health.  The wise man knows the value of good habits and he is 
   a man of good habits.  The wise man knows the value of 
   education in life and he applies himself to getting a good one.  
   The wise man knows the value of integrity and he is a man of 
   integrity.  The wise man knows a lot of things.  And he doesn't 
   just know them.  The knowledge shapes and directs his life.  
   His knowledge tells him what he ought to do and he does it. 
   What is the man who doesn't know wisdom or doesn't live by it?  
   He is a fool.

   As we look around ourselves we see the consequences of 
   foolishness everywhere.  People in bondage to all kinds of 
   destructive bad habits  --- drinking, smoking, gambling, 
   overeating, using drugs.  People who are slaves to laziness or 
   other defects of character.  Unwed mothers raising their 
   illegitimate children.  We see everywhere people filled with 
   problems.  We see a nation that is filled with problems.  What 
   is the cause of these problems?  Foolishness.  Adults who don't 
   know the way --- adults devoid of sense or wisdom.  Children 
   lacking in guidance.  Teen-agers lacking in sense.  The many 
   social problems afflicting our nation.  What is their cause?  
   Cultural foolishness.  Foolish ideas, foolish dogmas, foolish 
   ideologies, foolish leaders.  Eggheaded ideas pushed by 
   eggheaded people.  Lack of sense --- foolishness --- at the 
   highest levels, lowest levels and all the levels in between. 

   Dec 2002

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