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The need for social acceptance and approval --- its power

   The need for social acceptance and approval.  It is a very big 
   force in this world.  It accounts for a great deal of what 
   people do and why they do it.  Like what?

     - Children (both young children and teenagers) do a great 
         many things out of the desire to be accepted by their 
         peers.  It is called "peer pressure".  They swear, tell 
         dirty stories, smoke cigarettes, use drugs, drink 
         alcohol, engage in premarital sex, steal, commit acts of 
         vandalism, and do many other things just to be accepted 
         by those whose friendship they value.  Peer pressure even 
         dictates the kind of clothes they must wear and the way 
         their hair must be cut. 

     - Adults do many things out of the desire for the acceptance 
         and approval of their peers.  They swear, drink, smoke, 
         use drugs, tell dirty stories, etc. just to be one of the 
         gang --- just to be accepted.  They follow the latest 
         fads, wear the latest fashion in clothing, cut their hair 
         according to the latest cut.  Some even choose their 
         ideas and opinions according to the latest fashion.  And 
         it is all done for the regard, acceptance and approval of 

   From all this we see that the need for social acceptance and 
   approval is one of the Devil's most effective tools.  He 
   blackmails us.  If we won't follow along and go his way we 
   suffer the consequences.  If we won't conform to the perverse 
   mind of the crowd, go along with it, we will be rejected, 
   ostracized, and ridiculed.  The choice is either to follow our 
   conscience, to follow what we down deep in our heart know is 
   right, or to follow the crowd.  We have to decide.  And Satan 
   gives us that choice at a very young age.  And he brings strong 
   pressure to bear to influence our choice.  In no age group is 
   it popular to be "too straight" --- people who are "too 
   straight" can expect to be rejected, scorned and made fun of.  
   Most people, in one way or another, give in to this inexorable 
   force and go along. 

   Oct 1977

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