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Euclidean Plane Geometry

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Plane Geometry. Definitions, axioms, postulates, theorems. Straight, complementary, right, vertical, acute, obtuse angles. Equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right, acute, obtuse triangle. Quadrilateral, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid. Transversal. Arc, chord of a circle.

Plane geometry. Formulas for area, perimeter, etc.

RULES FOR PROVING THEOREMS.  In proving any theorem we are allowed to use any of the axioms, postulates, or any theorem that we have already proven.

   s.a.s	side, angle, side (Two triangles are congruent if two sides and the included angle of one are equal to two sides and the included angle of the other i.e. s.a.s. = s.a.s.) 
   a.s.a.	angle, side, angle
   s.s.s.	side, side, side
   c.p.c.t.e.	corresponding parts of congruent triangles are equal


Theorems 1-10

Theorems 11-20

Theorems 21-30

Theorems 31-40

Theorems 41-47

Locus theorems 1-6

Theorems 48-49

Locus theorem 7

Theorems 51-52

Proportion theorems 1-8

Theorems 53-65

Theorems 66-79

The above proofs are my own from my high school geometry course.

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