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Plane analytic geometry

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Basic concepts, locus, solution set, coordinate systems, slopes, angles, point of division, intercepts

Equation of the first degree, the straight line

General equation of the second degree, conics, reduction to canonical form, the 9 canonical forms, transformation of coordinates

Conics, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola

The function f(x, y) and associated matrices e and E

Changes in equation coefficients produced by translation and rotation of the coordinate system

Simplification of the general equation of the second degree by rotation and translation of the coordinate system

General equation of the second degree

Quadratic form in two variables

Quadratic forms, canonical forms of conics with centers

Analysis of a conic

Reduction of the general second degree equation to one of the 9 canonical forms

Diameters of a conic, conjugate diameters

Special plane curves

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