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   There are parallels between the fanatical Communist and the 
   fanatical evangelical:  They are both committed to an ideal 
   that is unrealistic, a body of doctrine that doesn't correspond 
   to Reality.  They are both victims of brainwashing, hypnosis 
   and self-deception.  They are both intellectually dishonest.  
   They both need to keep hearing their own lies over and over to 
   keep going.  They are both subject to the psychological 
   consequences of personal self-deception. 

   What is the core of the evangelical lie?  It is the 
   evangelical's recipe for salvation:  the idea that one's 
   salvation is guaranteed by a simple, ritualistic act, a magic 
   formula  i.e. "confessing Jesus before men", "believing in 
   Jesus", "going forward", the act of "accepting Christ as 
   Savior".  It is something that is the main thrust of all their 
   sermons, something they repeat over and over, harp on 
   continually.  And it is dangerous because it is half true --- 
   it is a half truth.  All of their doctrine is shaped and molded 
   to this idea.  They keep repeating the lie to themselves, 
   hypnotize themselves, believe it through constant repetition. 

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