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  A STUDY IN EVANGELICAL HYPOCRISY                       4/89

   An evangelical Christian goes to church twice on Sundays and 
   also to the midweek prayer meeting services; reads his Bible 
   continually; is always giving testimonies in church about all 
   the things God has done for him; involves himself in all the 
   church activities; goes calling with others from his church 
   every Tuesday evening, inviting outsiders to come to his 
   church; believes that only he and his particular sect are saved 
   and will go to heaven; abstains from alcohol, smoking, dancing 
   and profanity. 

   At the same time this person is warped and twisted by anger, 
   hatred, envy and jealousy.  He is steeped in bitterness and 
   hostility.  He is disagreeable, mean and unloving.  The 
   atmosphere in his home is hellish. 

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