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   Evangelicalism.  Fundamentalism.  Isn't there a dark side to 
   them.  If one is to be perfectly blunt about it, aren't these 
   religious movements deeply wrapped up in deep mind-bending, 
   brainwashing, self-hypnosis and self-delusion?  I think they 
   are.  And they can so powerfully delude and brainwash that one 
   is very lucky if he can ever get out from under them once they 
   have a firm hold on him.  If he does manage to break away from 
   their hold it is likely to take years.  And there is nothing 
   more able to cause emotional and mental imbalance and confusion 
   than deep self-delusion, self-deception and brainwashing.  The 
   most confused and unhappy people I have known have been 
   evangelical fundamentalists.  It is a whole body of theory and 
   practice that I am deathly afraid of.  I have to consider it a 
   variety of Christian apostasy. 

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