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  PSYCHOLOGY OF THE EVANGELICAL                   11/77

   - evangelicals don't seek after spiritual depth, wisdom and 
       spiritual understanding.  They feel they already have it.  
       They spend all their time and energy trying to justify 
       their doctrinal positions and dogmas. 

   - evangelicals don't pursue Goodness or Righteousness
       as the first call of God.  They feel they already 
       have it (they would argue that they have been "made 
       righteous" by the blood of Christ). 

   - I think evangelicals are afraid of the idea of "trying to be 
       good".  I think their doctrine and dogma instills the fear 
       into them that it is dangerous to "try to be good"; that 
       one runs the risk of falling into a trap of the devil, the 
       trap of "depending on Goodness for one's salvation". 

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