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   Q. Why are Baptists so shallow and vacuous spiritually?

   A. It is because they have embraced such a doctrinaire system 
   causing their minds to become calcified, rigid, narrow.  One 
   must understand what gives spiritual truth, spiritual depth.  
   It is thought, reflection, observation, reason.  It is an 
   ongoing impartial quest for truth and understanding.  It is 
   thinking about things, reflecting over things, philosophical 
   thought.  The Baptist believes he has all that there is to be 
   had once he walks to the front of the church and is "saved", 
   "converted", "born again".  Once he has done that all is done.   
   He thinks he has it all, knows it all.  All that remains is to 
   "testify", to "witness", "to rescue the perishing".   He then 
   stops seeking, stops learning, stops thinking.  He just accepts 
   the Baptist line, the dogma, and parrots it.  Spiritual depth 
   comes from constant observing, constant experience in life; 
   constant learning about life, ourselves and other people; 
   constant examining, questioning, doubting (within a context of 
   love of God, faith in God, commitment to God). 

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