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                          BAPTISTISM                        3/94

   "ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the 

   a religion of gross self-deception and self-delusion, a 
     religious cult brainwashed into believing its own lies

   conceitedly regarding itself as the elect, a privileged people 
     with sole knowledge of the truth, while being as far away 
     from the truth as east is from west 

   a people who are prisoners to their own self-delusions and 

   going to church two or three times a week to renew the 
     brainwash, to freshen it up, to keep it from fading away 

   What is its error?  Its error lies in thinking that 
     Christianity is a thing of the head instead of a thing of the 
     heart, a matter of possessing the right dogma and doctrine 
     rather than a matter of servitude, piety and practice.  It is 
     the error of thinking that being in possession of the 
     directions to Timbuktu is the same thing as being in 
     Timbuktu.  It is the error of viewing salvation as something 
     guaranteed by performance of a simple act --- rather than a 
     thing dependent on the condition of the heart.  It is the 
     error of attempting to reduce salvation to a simple cut and 
     dried formula. 

   The animal says he is a lion, believes he is a lion.  But he 
     doesn't look like a lion, he doesn't roar like a lion, and he 
     doesn't walk like a lion.  He looks like an ass, brays like 
     an ass, walks like an ass and kicks like an ass.  So what is 

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