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The Christian Brotherhood

   For many years I have had in the back of my mind an 
   organization that I have called "The Christian Brotherhood".  
   The organization exists only on paper, only in my imagination.  
   A sketch of it is as follows: 

   The Christian Brotherhood is a conservative, non-denominational 
   Christian organization that emphasizes morality, chastity and 
   decency as core values of true Christianity.  The emphasis is 
   on moral living and a wholesome lifestyle consistent with true 

   Christian Brotherhood in brief:

         - members live under an "umbrella" of Brotherhood 
              institutions.  The Brotherhood provides its own 
              schools, day care centers, care for the elderly, 
              jobs, churches, recreational programs, etc..  These 
              institutions provide a protective umbrella from a 
              godless world, with all its coldness, immorality, 
              violence and badness. 

         - schooling is provided for all from grade school through 
              college.  Teachers are all Brotherhood members.  
              Learning through self-study is emphasized. 

         - the Brotherhood owns its own farms, businesses, and 
              enterprises.  All Brotherhood enterprises are 
              staffed solely by Brotherhood people. 

         - Brotherhood people are encouraged to invest their money 
              in Brotherhood enterprises. 

         - the purpose of the Brotherhood is to provide a 
              wholesome, high-quality life for its people and to 
              provide a haven from a godless world.

         - Brotherhood people are required to live a life of 
              discipline, free of bad habits.  There is no 
              drinking, smoking, gambling, cursing, profanity or 
              use of drugs. 

         - in the schools, at all grades and levels, there is a 
              strong emphasis on the importance of serving God and 
              your fellow man;  on the right priorities in life;  
              on moral virtue, character, living a life of 
              principle;  on the importance of strict honesty, 
              integrity, honor, decency and goodness. 

         - the Brotherhood carefully censors what can be read or 
              watched on television.  Any kind of pornography or 
              indecency is strictly censored and prohibited. 

         - the Brotherhood is a world within a world, a society 
              within a society, a culture within a culture, a 
              country within a country.  

   Key elements in the Christian Brotherhood outlook

      - emphasis on the practice of Christianity and the 
          importance of morality, chastity and decency 

      - rejection of the modern 9-5 rat race in favor of a 
          simpler, slower, more wholesome lifestyle 

      - rejection of the modern school system

   Christian Brotherhood Objectives.    
      -  the pursuit of spiritual and mental health    
      -  the quest for a wholesome, satisfying lifestyle    
      -  the quest for a means of self-support that is healthy and 
            satisfying (an alternative to the traditional 9-5 job) 

    Main teachings.

            Love of God.  Upright, godly living.  Obedience to 
               spiritual and moral law.

            Self-sufficient living.  Breaking free from the system.

            Attention to physical health.  Right diet and exercise.

            Quest for Truth and Understanding.

   Eight point message.

        1. Repent and turn to God.  Be faithful to him through 
            godly, upright living. 

        2. Pursue self-reliance and independence. 

        3. Pursue simplicity.  Let your needs be few.  Be content 
            with little. 

        4. Pursue good health through exercise and a healthy diet 
            (low fat, vegetarian or semi-vegetarian). 

        5. Avoid bad habits (drinking, smoking, drug use, bad 
            language, gambling, etc.) 

        6. Reflect.  Seek wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth. 

        7. Try to exit the rat-race, get off the treadmill.  Avoid 
            competition.  Pursue a slower, healthier way. 

        8. Avoid waste.  Pursue the way of economy and frugality. 

   Brotherhood behavior.  The Brotherhood places strong emphasis 
      on moral behavior.  The following types of behavior are 
      strictly prohibited: drinking, smoking, gambling, teenage 
      dating, drug use, sexual misconduct, homosexuality; profane, 
      indecent or coarse language or humor. Attendance of movie 
      theatres is strictly prohibited.  Watching of television is 
      either prohibited or severely restricted.  Listening to 
      worldly music is prohibited, allowing only classical music 
      and some types of religious music. Women must dress modestly, 
      in accordance with 1 Tim 2:9-10.  Courtship is not allowed 
      before the age of 21.  Children are raised in a strict manner 
      and carefully supervised. 

   Brotherhood social activities.  Wholesome indoor and outdoor 
      activities: Discussion groups, picnics, weenie roasts, 
      hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, etc..

   Retreat House

      Retreat House, operating under the auspices of the Christian 
      Brotherhood, is a combination religious retreat and school 
      for self-sufficient living.  The main themes that are 
      emphasized at Retreat House are the importance of the 
      following:  faith in God;  principled, virtuous living;  
      self-discipline;  honesty;  chastity;  decency;  modesty;  
      consideration for others;  unselfishness;  peaceableness;  
      self-denial;  simplicity in living;  solitude, quiet 
      reflection, and the quest for spiritual truth;  looking to 
      God and conscience for guidance and striving to live true to 
      the highest that lies within you. 

   Topics of Study.

      -  Homestead living    
      -  Homestead gardening     
      -  Livestock care    
      -  Food storage and preservation     
      -  Carpentry and building construction    
      -  Plumbing     
      -  House wiring    
      -  Homestead cooking    
      -  Automobile repair    
      -  Health care    

  Motivation for the Christian Brotherhood
     We live in a sick, degenerate society.  The society is awash 
     in drugs, alcohol, and pornography.  The populace lives under 
     constant bombardment of moral lie from a Godless mass media.  
     Badness has a monopoly, filling the air with its subtle 
     messages glamorizing lust, immorality, profanity, and wrong.  
     Goodness and right has no voice and no vote.  There has been 
     a moral flip, a moral inversion.  The good are derided and 
     vilified and the bad are applauded.  The spirit of Evil 
     rules.  Sexual promiscuity, fornication and adultery are 
     everywhere.  Millions of couples brazenly cohabit (everyone 
     is doing it, it is now socially acceptable, the old stigma 
     against it that derived from knowledge of right and wrong is 
     gone).  One third of the births in our country are 
     illegimate.  Sexual perverts, homosexuals, are in high 
     profile, everywhere shamelessly demanding their rights, with 
     the support of much of the public.  The land is deeply 
     perverted.  Lust, pornography, immorality, profanity and 
     sexual perversion is pervasive; it is everywhere, sanctioned, 
     accepted and glamorized.  Crime and violence is rampant.  The 
     populace doesn't know right from wrong.  Knowledge of right 
     and good is gone from the land.  The moguls of Hollywood, 
     television, the mass media, along with liberal religion, have 
     wrought their great work. The land is lost. 

     Our public schools are cesspools of evil influence.  They are 
     ravaged by the drugs, violence, profanity and immorality of 
     the society as a whole.  They have come to function more as 
     day-care centers than as places to learn.  The old order and 
     discipline of the classroom has given way to chaos.  Violence 
     is rampant.  Children live in fear.  They carry weapons to 
     school to protect themselves from other children.  The 
     teaching has been gutted by the educational philosophies of 
     the liberals who, experimenting with new teaching ideas and 
     techniques, emphasize things like self-esteem, diversity 
     training and sex education instead of the old, proven basics 
     --- reading, writing and arithmetic.  They employ methods 
     that are a teaching sham and shortchange both the children 
     and the taxpayer.  Students are passed from grade to grade 
     whether they deserve it or not to prevent hurting their egos 
     (it is no surprise that children pass through without being 
     able to spell, write a grammatically correct sentence, 
     express an idea intelligently, or even read).  In addition, 
     the youth are subtly indoctrinated in beliefs, views, 
     attitudes and values which are in deep conflict with those of 
     the Bible.  A system supported by tax-payer dollars that is 
     theoretically non-religious is in fact dominated by a 
     religion (or philosophy) that is deeply at odds with the 
     teachings of the Bible (we are talking about Humanism).  In 
     this new religion wrong is right and right is wrong.  Part 
     and parcel of the student's education is indoctrination in 
     moral and spiritual lie to the peril of his eternal soul.  
     The schools echo the same lies being proclamated by liberal 
     religion, government and the mass media [our students are 
     being taught, for example, that sexual perversion (i.e. 
     homosexuality) is simply an alternate sexual orientation, to 
     be accepted and respected].

     Not all of the problem with our public schools is the fault 
     of the teachers.  Our schools are filled with children who 
     are disruptive and uninterested in learning (mostly children 
     from certain poor minority groups).  Teachers are expected to 
     do the impossible.  For teaching anyone not interested in 
     learning is impossible.  You can take a horse to water but 
     you can't make him drink.  So while our teachers are spending 
     all their time and energy trying to make horses drink who 
     don't want to drink, or, perhaps, spending a lot of time 
     with children who don't know our language (children from 
     foreign countries), serious children who would like to learn 
     are being neglected and shortchanged.  So what can we say?  
     The system is just all clogged up and bogged down. 

     And if the above can be said of our public schools, what can 
     be said of our colleges and universities, where the leaders 
     of the new America are being trained?  The most of the major 
     campuses of our country are hotbeds of liberalism.  Instead of 
     representing some balance of conservative ideas and liberal 
     ideas, an environment in which all ideas are considered and 
     allowed to compete, only one outlook is represented (with all 
     their emphasis on "diversity" there is very little diversity 
     in the ideological, philosophical make-up of the professors).  
     And with all the emphasis that this liberal outlook places on 
     tolerance there is little tolerance for outlooks that don't 
     agree with theirs.  Conservative, traditional ideas and 
     values are out --- and not well tolerated.  The new morality 
     is in.  True Christianity, with its outlooks and values, is 
     out.  Humanism is in.  And along with this new moral outlook 
     is the coed dormitory, where young men and women live 
     together, commingle, drink large quantities of alcohol, and 
     enjoy all those personal liberties given to them by an 
     outlook that is without God or morality.

     The minds of our children and young people are being 
     engineered and molded.  And what they are shaped into is what 
     our nation will become twenty or thirty years from now.  

     So this is the situation in our society at present.  Nor is 
     the situation anywhere improving.  In fact we have been going 
     downhill toward the present situation for at least the past 
     50 years.  Is there any hope on the horizon?  No.  Is our 
     government going to solve these problems for us?  No.  Will 
     it clean up our society?  No.  Why not?  Because there is no 
     will.  Because we have a democracy that is run by the people.  
     The government only carries out the will of the people.  It 
     only echos their own attitudes, outlooks and values.  And the 
     problem is that the people are diseased.  Their hearts and 
     minds are diseased.  They are too much in love with their 
     wicked ways.  Their vision is blinded by their own 
     corruption.  So what is the answer?  Can I suggest anything?  
     I can.  There is no point in waiting for someone to solve 
     these  problems.  No one is going to.  You cannot change the 
     system yourself.  That is not within your power.  But there 
     is something you can do yourself.  What do I have in mind?  
     The Christian Brotherhood.  That is my solution.  It is the 
     only solution I can think of.  You form a closed society, a 
     society within a society, as the Amish or Hutterites have 
     done.  And you must do something.  For the sake of your 
     children you must do something. 

     I have just mentioned some of the motivation for my idea of 
     the Christian Brotherhood.  There is yet another one.  The 
     day may come in this country when the climate is so anti-
     Christian that the Christian will have a difficult time 
     surviving.  In particular, the workplace may become so 
     hostile toward him and people of his outlook that he will 
     have a difficult time keeping a job.  He may need to find 
     some alternative to the traditional job in order to survive.  
     The forces of evil are growing stronger and stronger in this 
     country.  Atheists, homosexuals, and other such groups are 
     seeing their agendas and outlooks implemented everywhere.  
     Liberal judges and liberal court decisions are causing great 
     and profound changes in this society.  The society is 
     undergoing rapid transformation.  Right now new 
     antidiscrimination laws, made to legally protect homosexuals 
     from discrimination, can put Christians, both on the job and 
     off the job, into difficult moral positions.  Christians are 
     increasingly being forced to choose between their job and 
     their faith, their job and their God.  That is a difficult 
     choice because a person can get very hungry and cold without 
     a job.  And it may not be just them that becomes hungry and 
     cold, but also their spouses and children. 

     NOTE. Many people feel the same way I do about our public 
     schools.  As a consequence a great many people are now either 
     sending their children to private schools or homeschooling 
     them.  Some prominent people are now endorsing an action 
     almost as radical as the one I have proposed:  doing away 
     with public schools completely and getting the government out 
     of the business of education.  See the following: 

T. C. Pinckney.  We are losing our children       
Alliance for the Separation of School & State
Exodus Mandate
Homeschool World

Nov 1984

Later note. See the following:

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