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         Now I see



4-28-08 One of my website readers recently sent me a poem he had written. His name is David D. Neal. The poem is titled “Now I see”. I really like the poem. I present it to you.


Now I See

Jesus maketh the blind to see; who are they you ask - its you and its
Christ brought the truth and walked it right; He opens our eyes and
gives us sight.
Love God and then your neighbor; the duty of man and his primary labor.
In darkness once I was bound, was lost and dead, but now I'm found.
God helps those who look on high; no longer you, self must die.
Ever humble, always meek; it is God's will that you must seek.
Continue in Christ's Word be free; the darkness has no hold on me.
Out of darkness into light; its God's truth that gives thee sight.
You're Lord, you're King, you're God - I see; No longer self, no longer
At your feet my life I lay; yielding all to Christ this day.
You rule and reign within my heart; my will, my way must now depart.
"I" no longer rule my way; follow the flesh, the devil to pay.
Lust and desire - its never content; follow this way to destruction be
The broad way is a downward slope, and at the end you'll find no hope.
With religious works and a shaky profession, I had walked in the
darkness without much discretion.
Words are nice but can conceal what actions truly shall reveal.
In the flesh no longer driven, only in Christ's light, shall sins be
Walk in self the flesh will guide, but you'll be on the devil's side.
Live in pleasures, they will bind; and God's truth you'll never find.
You have eyes and think you see; but are those eyes just set on thee?
Seeking my way I was the world's reflection, lusts and desires are what
gave me direction.
Mournful and contrite - at God's Word tremble; its Christ's well
pleasing image that you must now resemble.
"Now" bread alone is not sufficient for me; rather every Word that comes
from thee.
Down from heaven, Jesus is the bread; the Father's Words are all He
Christ's Words will judge, heart's intents be known; your works and
deeds - all creation shown.
My works no good, I must be led, in that narrow way that Jesus tread.
With the Holy Ghost you must be filled; this is God's way - its how you
are sealed.
The fullness of God fills this vessel of clay; teaching and leading to
walk the Lord's way.
Through faith I obey by the Spirit's direction, that I may have place in
the resurrection.
Submit to and obey the Spirit's command, He'll lead you to a new
Promised Land.
By faith is righteousness found in thee, your image I must conform to
With the prideful this will never be; they think that God should conform
to "Me."
Give me what I want - their prayers are always the same; "thy will be
done" the wicked never proclaim.
Follow paths of righteousness onto perfection; by faith and submission
to the Spirit's direction.
May Christ open your eyes and lighten your path; so that you do not face
God's indignation and wrath.
The hidden things of darkness will be brought to light; shall the
counsel of your heart be God's delight?
Come now and let us reason; you must no longer enjoy sin for a season.
Repent and take God's truth to heart or one day you'll hear Jesus tell
you to depart.
Those who overcome this world and obey Christ's commands, He will lead
them to living waters in the new Promised Land.
The meek will inherit the earth and be free and the Lord God shall
forever dwell amidst thee.
I sat in darkness lost and bound; a great light shone and now I am
In the darkness that was me; in the darkness I could not see.
In conclusion do what is right; walk in God's truth and you'll receive
Fear God! - Self no longer seek; walk in love and be found meek.

I once was a religious man - the Lord brought me to my knees in true
repentance. Shortly thereafter with significant "change" in my life I
realized: "the Lord my God hath triumphed over me - and I rejoice in it.

                                                                        Author: David D. Neal

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