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A request for readers who like this site

   If you like this site, if you have found it helpful in some 
   way, if you have found it useful, I have a request for you.  
   Tell other people about it.  Tell your family, friends and 
   acquaintances about it.  In one way or another let others know 
   about it.  You could, for example, just ask another person what 
   he thought about the site.  Or you could mention the large 
   section of proverbs and quotations, or the section on self-
   sufficient country living, both sections being of interest to a 
   lot of people.  I have put a lot of effort into the site.  My 
   motives are obvious.  I wish to be of spiritual help to people.  
   You could help me in this.  If you are a Christian who agrees 
   with the things I am saying, if I am speaking your language, 
   you can help me.  One single person telling others about the 
   site could bring a lot of people to it.  I would appreciate 
   any help you might give me in this way.  The people you 
   mentioned it to might thank you for it. 

   Thank you and let me know if you like the site.  I don't receive 
   very many emails.

   Jim Miller

   Feb 2009

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