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Preserving our natural resources

   For me Christianity is primarily about loving God and being 
   faithful to him through upright, Godly living.  It is about 
   personal behavior, personal conduct, personal integrity, 
   morality.  And, most of all, sexual morality.  I do not regard 
   myself as an environmentalist or conservationist.  I do, 
   however, believe in prudence and good sense.  Prudence and good 
   sense requires many things of a person, from getting enough 
   daily exercise to eating a healthy diet to many other things.  
   It also recommends against polluting the air we breath and the 
   water we drink.  It recommends that mankind collectively should 
   take legitimate environmental and conservation concerns 
   seriously.  If mankind is indeed, by his rapid worldwide 
   industrialization, causing changes in earth's climate that is 
   certainly a reason for concern.  It is not a religious issue 
   but it is a cause for concern.  And in that context I note 
   something.  Every morning and every evening tens of millions of 
   automobiles clog the arteries of America in the daily ritual of 
   commuting to and from work.  In doing this they are rapidly 
   consuming (burning up) a resource that cannot ever be replaced 
   - oil.  When it is gone it is gone.  Future generations will 
   not have any and will look back to us as those who did this --- 
   who consumed it all.  We live in some big McMansion 45 minutes 
   or an hour from where we work, consume a huge amount of energy 
   to heat and air condition our mansion, drive back and forth to 
   work, live our high-energy lifestyle, and in so doing consume 
   at prodigious rates resources of the earth that cannot be 
   replaced.  I am a person who does hate waste.  I just don't 
   like it.  And this does seem like waste.  To burn up the 
   earth's reserves of oil in this 45 minute mass migration to 
   work and back every day seems like a terrible waste.  Surely 
   the earth's oil reserves could be put to better use than that.  
   It seems like a terrible squandering of resources.  There must 
   be a better way. 

   I said I am not an environmentalist or conservationist and I am 
   not.  I think there is a tendency for many people who are 
   spiritually bankrupt to find some cause such as 
   environmentalism or conservationism and substitute it for 
   religion, make it their religion.  They feel a need for some 
   cause, something to believe in, and make the cause their 
   religion.  They join some collective effort for some cause and 
   make it their religion.  Religion is not about collective 
   efforts.  It is about personal effort, personal commitment to 
   Godly living.  One must keep things in their proper order.  God 
   and upright living comes first.  Causes come second.  Besides, 
   I am a loner, an individualist.  I distrust the crowd, the 
   group, collective activities. 

   Aug 2008

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