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Underlying traits that lead to mental development, intellectual development

   1.  Curiosity, inquisitiveness.  Curiosity, inquisitiveness 
   acting over the years produces mental development.  The 
   uncurious, uninquisitive person lags behind.  Interest in many 
   things produces intellectual development. 

   2.  Diligence, industriousness.  The diligent person who 
   expends effort on a habitual basis develops mentally.  You get 
   out of life about as much as you put into it.  The lazy person 
   who is uninclined to expend effort to acquire things lags 
   behind.  Mental development requires effort. 

   3.  Persistance.  The persistant person develops mentally.  He 
   keeps at a thing until he understands it.  Some people hardly 
   try.  They give up in defeat without really trying.  They have 
   no confidence in themselves, think they can't do things, and 
   never develop.  The person who has the habit of finishing what 
   he starts and the character, integrity and perseverence 
   required to do this develops mentally. 

   Mar 2008

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