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Wise Man / Foolish Man

   The wise man thinks ahead, foresees possible problems before 
   they arrive, foresees dangers and risks, and acts to avoid 
   them.  He thinks, considers and weighs.  The foolish man 
   plunges recklessly, thoughtlessly ahead, follows his impulses 
   and base appetites, encounters problems and traps that he might 
   have avoided with a little thought, and then deals with them as 
   best he can. 

   Example:  I drive into a large, strange city and look for a 
   parking place.  I am completely unfamiliar with the city, the 
   streets are a complicated maze, and I have no map.  I finally 
   find a parking place.  I think to myself, "Before I walk away 
   from this place I had better note exactly where this car is 
   parked!  If I leave here without noting this location I will 
   have a big problem!  I will never find the car!"  I note the 
   name of the street and the closest crossing street.  
   Furthermore, knowing that my memory is poor, I am careful to 
   write them down on a slip of paper.  I dare not take a chance 
   on trusting my memory!  I am careful, cautious, thinking ahead.  
   I foresee a possible danger, a possible predicament, and act to 
   avoid it.  Wise action can save a lot of time and trouble in 
   the end. 

   I am wisdom.  I am prudence.  I think, I consider, I reflect, I 
   weigh, I study, I observe, I learn.  I weigh the pros and cons, 
   the positives and negatives, the pluses and minuses.  I walk 
   cautiously, carefully, with thought.  I walk with 
   understanding.  I walk in tune with God and his ways. 



      -  forethought, caution, care, heed, thoughtfulness, 

      -  integrity, honesty, conscientiousness, scrupulousness 


      -  careless, heedless, reckless, thoughtless, negligent, 
      -  rash, incautious, unwary, overconfident, oversure, brash, 
            hotheaded, impetuous, hasty, improvident. 

      -  frivolous, shallow, childish, empty-headed, birdbrained, 
            lighthearted, happy-go-lucky 

   Mar 2008

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