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Christianity v.s. Islam, a Comparison

   If you were to ask a Christian to describe his idea of a really 
   good, upright, God-fearing man, a model of Christianity, what 
   would be his answer?  He would probably give a picture 
   something like the following:  God-fearing, upright, just, 
   fair, honest, truthful, kind, understanding, patient, 
   temperate, peaceful, self-denying, good, decent, morally pure, 
   clean, slow to anger, careful in his language, humble, 
   hardworking, responsible, dependable, trustworthy.  He would 
   give a picture of a caring, thoughtful, good person; a person 
   who lives in the way he believes God wants us to live, a person 
   who lives by the teachings of Jesus and the early Christian 
   apostles, a person who cares about his neighbor, a person who 
   does right by his neighbor.  If you asked him what kind of 
   person a Christian minister ought to be he would probably 
   describe a person with these personality traits.  If he is a 
   true Christian that is the kind of man he admires, respects, 
   and looks up to.  That is his model of goodness, godliness, 
   righteousness and religiousness, his role model.  That is what 
   he feels a religious, pious, God-loving person ought to be.  
   Now let us ask the following question:  What is the idea of the 
   Muslim on what constitutes a righteous, good, God-fearing, God-
   loving person?  What is his model for goodness, piety, etc.?  
   What kind of person does he admire, respect and look up to?  
   What kind of person does he think a clergyman ought to be?  It 
   is a fair question because we are continually hearing about 
   Islamic fundamentalist clergymen involved in plots to kill 
   large numbers of non-Muslims.  We see these Muslim clergymen, 
   while spouting religion, instigating, in the name of God and 
   religion, suicide bombers to go into large crowds of non-
   Muslims and shout, "Praise to Allah, the Almighty and All-
   merciful!" and then detonate his bomb, killing scores of 
   innocent people.  The suicide bomber is told it is a holy and 
   good mission and that he will certainly go straight to heaven 
   for doing such a holy act.  We see images of Muslim terrorists 
   cutting their prisoner's throats in great delight and filming 
   the action.  We see Muslims all over the world committing such 
   terrible, cruel, inhuman, attrocious, unbelievable crimes -- 
   all in the name of God.  We see terrorists like Bin Laden and 
   his followers committing such terrible acts in the name of God 
   and being adored and loved by millions of Muslims.  And while 
   all this is going on non-Muslims watch in disbelief, shock and 
   horror.  What does one make of a religion like this?  How can 
   one fathom a mind that is capable of committing such 
   outrageous, horrible, evil things -- and in the name of God!  
   What underlies such consuming hatred and anger that could  
   cause teams of men to devote years of their lives preparing for 
   a suicide mission of flying airliners loaded with passengers 
   into various targets in the USA?  How does one understand it?  
   How does one understand 9/11?  How does one understand such 
   brutal, obscene, unprincipled, evil actions?  How does one 
   understand such pure evil committed by religious men, in the 
   name of God, and to the applause of millions of countrymen?  
   What kind of people lie behind such inhuman, animalistic 
   actions?  You hear Muslims complain about us.  But their 
   complaints don't explain this shocking conduct and hatred.  How 
   do you understand it?  My answer:  read the Koran.  You will 
   find the answer there.  Every non-Muslim should read the Koran.  
   This religion is different.  To understand it you must read 
   their holy book.  To understand their culture and mentality you 
   must read the Koran.  They grow up memorizing it.  It is 
   instilled into them from an early age and becomes part of them.  
   Their minds and characters become molded by it, its teachings, 
   its culture.  As you read it one thing that will strike you is 
   that this God of the Koran is different than the one you are 
   accustomed to.  Every chapter is prefaced with the words, "In 
   the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful."  He is 
   described as merciful and good and forgiving.  But you are 
   struck by a gigantic contradiction: the disparity between that 
   description of God and the nature of the God you actually find 
   in its pages.  The disparity, that conflict, is almost obscene.  
   The God of the Koran is a God of anger, hatred, violence and 
   retribution.  He is a God of vengence, spite and cruelty.  He 
   is a God who hates non-Muslims, and especially Christians and 
   Jews.  And he is a God who instructs the killing of non-
   Muslims.  He is a God who not only punishes but who takes great 
   enjoyment and delight in watching the sinner twist and writhe 
   in anguish.  In the outlook, attitudes and spirit of the Koran 
   you will find Bin Laden and all like him.  And what is the sin 
   of the sinner that deserves such terrible punishment?  Some 
   great and heinous sin like murder, adultery, theft or 
   homosexuality?  No, it is refusal to revere Mohammed and the 
   sacred Koran, refusal to accept the teachings of Islam.  The 
   Koran equates evil and wickedness with "unbelief" and godliness 
   and goodness with "belief".  For the Muslim the great sin is 
   refusal to accept Islam.  So what kind of man is loved and 
   admired as godly and good by Muslims?  It is the person who 
   goes out and slaughters infidels.  The more the better.  
   Because infidels are dirt.  They are filth contaminating the 
   earth and should be destroyed.  Such a man is their saint, 
   their holy man.  He is their hero.  You have to understand 
   their mind-set. 

   You couldn't find a greater contrast than that existing between 
   Islam and Christianity.  Where Jesus taught peacefulness and 
   forbearance, Islam is a religion of argument, strife and 
   violence.  Where Jesus taught forgiveness, going more than half 
   way with others, "judge not, that you be not judged", Islam is 
   a religion of judgment, intolerance, vengence and retribution.  
   Where Christianity teaches patience with others and leaving 
   punishment up to God, Islam teaches the opposite.  Where in 
   Christianity murder is a terrible sin, in Islam it is a holy 
   act as long as it is the murder of a non-believer.  Where Jesus 
   taught, "love your neighbor", Islam teaches "destroy the 

   Jun(?) 2006

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