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A wise man is a cautious man

   A wise man is a cautious man.  If we observe creatures in the 
   wild we note that caution appears to be almost instinctive.  
   Whether it be instinctive or learned it is pretty much 
   universal.  There are always predators around and wild 
   creatures are instinctively always on the outlook for danger.  
   Whether it be a deer, a frog, or a fly, they are all wary of 
   anything that might be a threat.  They are all quick to flee 
   perceived danger or possible danger.  It is all about self-
   preservation.  One does well to take a clue from the wild 
   world.  Just as the wild world is full of danger in the form of 
   predators, so is the human world.  In our human world 
   predators, tricksters, traps, pitfalls, and snares are 
   everywhere.  The world we live in is filled with lie, 
   deception, trick and falsehood.  Some is put there by man.  
   Some is put there by the Devil.  Whoever put it there, it is 
   there.  Many of these traps and snares are presented in the 
   form of temptations (delicious looking baits concealing a fatal 
   pitfall) that wise men pass by.  The Devil has his ways.  He 
   has his baits for the foolish and unwary.  The predators of 
   this world that we must watch out for are not just men.  Satan 
   himself is our greatest enemy.  A person who doesn't carefully 
   watch his step is likely to end up like a fly caught in a 
   spider's web.  Once in the trap it is unlikely he will get out.

   A wise man is very careful about who he trusts.  He doesn't 
   trust a stranger; he is wary of people he doesn't know well; he 
   trusts those he does know only to the extent that he knows for 
   a fact that they can be trusted.  He trusts no one more than he 
   really needs to.

   To be too trusting in this world is not good.  It is likely to 
   lead to a bad end -- the fool's end.  The wise man is a 
   careful, cautious, wary man; a man who carries an attitude of 
   healthy skepticism wherever he goes.

   The incautious, rash, impetuous, or too trusting person is not 
   a wise person.  Wisdom and prudence requires caution, the same 
   caution that one sees in the wild world.

   June 2005

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