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One is your teacher, the Christ

   Jesus said, "But you, do not be called 'Rabbi'; for One is your 
   teacher, the Christ ...  do not be called teachers; for One is 
   your teacher, the Christ."  Matthew 23:8,10  (New King James 

   If you would be a follower of Jesus, a true Christian, I say to 
   you:  Listen to your teacher, obey your master.  Study the 
   words of your teacher.  Train yourself in humility, meekness, 
   goodness, peaceableness, simplicity, self-denial, faith, 
   charity, purity, forgiveness, contentment with little.  Flee 
   pride, anger, strife, contention, argument, self-indulgence, 
   lust, licentiousness, impurity, malice, hatred, vengeance, 
   jealousy, etc.  Just as an athlete follows the instructions of 
   his trainer you follow the instructions of your trainer.  Drill 
   and train yourself according to the instructions of your 
   teacher.  Do this and God will bless you. 

   June 2005

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