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Frugality, the parent of many good things

   Frugality is not just important for the role it plays in the 
   accumulation of wealth.  It is the parent of many good things.  
   Things like certain good habits of mind, certain good character 
   traits.  What are we talking about?  What habits of mind or 
   character traits?  Let us name some: 

             the habit of thought and analysis

   How does it tend to produce or create these traits?  Well, the 
   frugal man, because he doesn't like to spend money 
   unnecessarily, doesn't like waste, and wants to live as 
   inexpensively and efficiently as possible, learns how to do a 
   lot of things for himself.  He isn't willing to hire someone to 
   paint his house, fix his malfunctioning commode, or repair his 
   faucet.  He does it himself.  Doing things yourself requires 
   thought, analysis, self-discipline, inquisitiveness, 
   practicalness, resourcefulness and industriousness.  We acquire 
   habits by doing something repeatedly and that strong desire to 
   save money causes the frugal person to repeatedly do the kinds 
   of things that gradually build these traits.  He can't be lazy.  
   The lazy person hires everything done.  If he doesn't want to 
   pay out the money he has to figure out how to do it himself, 
   learn how to do it himself, and then do it himself.  He has to 
   read, ask questions, and apply himself to the job.  And so, 
   without realizing it, he is gradually building up certain 
   habits of mind, certain character traits.  And as he becomes 
   competent in doing many things he acquires self-confidence.  
   And so, in this way, that strong, natural disinclination for 
   spending money characteristic of frugality is the impetus that, 
   over the years, produces many good things in a person.

   Frugality imposes a natural self-discipline on a person, always 
   controlling and regulating his behavior.  The frugal person 
   computes and figures and lets his mind rule, as opposed to 

   July 2004

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