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Islamic Hatred, Bigotry and Violence

   There is a saying, "Actions speak louder than words."  If the 
   nature of Islam is not sufficiently clear from the words of the 
   Koran its nature should be abundantly clear from the shocking, 
   outrageous crimes of violence, brutality and mass murder that 
   its adherents are perpetrating against non-Muslims all over the 
   world.  Whether we are speaking of ugly terrorist acts in 
   Israel, Russia, India, the United States or somewhere else in 
   the non-Muslim world the Muslim distinguishes himself by his 
   shocking lack of conscience and humanity in horrible crimes of 
   violence.  And, what is even more shocking, he justifies his 
   horrible acts in the name of God and religion.  In this way 
   Islam stands alone among the major religions of the world.  No 
   other religion on earth has the violent nature of Islam, no 
   other religion is so consumed with hatred against other 
   religions.  And lest anyone claim that this kind of violence is 
   the work of only fanatical fringe elements of the Islamic faith 
   we must point to surveys in Muslim countries that show that in 
   at least some Muslim countries as much as 70% of the people 
   support the perpetrators of such crimes in their horrible 
   actions.  Muslim fundamentalism is not a small fringe element.  
   Muslim fundamentalism is main-stream Islam.  Muslim 
   fundamentalism is the Koran --- it is a back-to-the-Koran 
   movement.  We all saw the power of Muslim fundamentalism in 
   Iran in its revolution.  Muslim fundamentalism is suppressed by 
   many Muslim governments but is very popular among the masses.

   The Koran is a harsh, cruel, uncompassionate book and Islam is 
   a product of that book.  The Koran tolerates no other religion 
   but Islam.  All other religions are false and evil.  According 
   to the Koranic outlook, the only good and righteous government 
   is an Islamic government and all other governments are evil and 
   should be overthrown.  All non-Muslims are infidels, idolaters 
   who should be destroyed without pity.  According to the Koran, 
   holy war against the infidel is every Muslim's religious duty.  
   All religions program the minds of their adherents into 
   patterns of outlook, value and thought characteristic of the 
   particular religion.  And Islam programs the minds of its 
   adherents into the bigoted, hateful outlooks found in its holy 
   book, the Koran.  Action follows thought.  Thought has 
   consequences.  And the consequences of Islamic thought are the 
   acts of violence, viciousness and cruelty that are associated 
   with Islam.  And it is interesting to note that the violence 
   and viciousness characteristic of Islam is not directed only 
   toward non-Muslims.  Different Muslim sects and groups hate 
   each other with a passion and are as vicious and brutal among 
   themselves as they are with non-Muslims.  The Islamic world is 
   a den of vipers. 

   Now we come to the following:  The religious Muslim simply does 
   not integrate into non-Muslim society.  He doesn't fit and he 
   is not happy there.  The Koran repeatedly enjoins the Muslim to 
   make no friends with the non-Muslim and if he does he is 
   disobeying the Koran.  Muslims are attracted to non-Muslim 
   countries solely for economic reasons i.e. job opportunities.  
   They may like the economic benefits but generally they don't 
   like the country or its people.  They are enemies in the land.  
   Now looking at things from the non-Muslim point of view, the 
   Muslim cannot be trusted.  He is a threat in the land.  His 
   loyalty to the country cannot be trusted.  In fact, no strict, 
   religious, Koran-believing Muslim can possibly have a true and 
   honest allegiance to a non-Muslim country --- the Koran 
   precludes it.  The only trustworthy Muslims are the non-
   religious ones.  For the religious Muslim a non-Muslim 
   government is wicked and evil and it is his duty to overthrow 
   it and establish an Islamic state.  Indeed the Islamic religion 
   ought not be legal in any non-Muslim state.  It is by its 
   nature subversive, an enemy of the state.  Every religious 
   Muslim in a non-Muslim country is likely to be subversive in 
   attitude and sentiment if not action, a potential terrorist, a 
   very real threat to the citizens of the country. 

   Whatever the Muslims may say, the real reason for the Muslim 
   hatred of non-Muslims is just simply religious bias.  It is 
   pure religious bigotry.  The Muslim speaks of justice.  But, in 
   fact, his vision is distorted and warped by his own bias and 
   hatred.  He has his own version of justice.  The Christian 
   world has been amazingly restrained and humane in its response 
   to all the many Muslim acts of violence, brutality and mayhem 
   against it.  One wonders if the Muslims don't take advantage of 
   Christian restraint.  There are perhaps people who would 
   suggest that the Muslims ought to be treated in the same way in 
   which they treat others --- without mercy or humanity.  Let me 
   ask this question.  Suppose it was the other way around and we 
   were doing to them what they are doing to us?  Suppose instead 
   of Muslims sneaking into Christian lands and murdering 
   Christians en masse it was the other way around and Christians 
   were sneaking into Muslim countries and murdering Muslims en 
   masse for no better reason than that they were Muslims.  What 
   do you think would be the response of the Muslims to this?  You 
   don't know?  Let me tell you.  The life of a Christian in a 
   Muslim land wouldn't be worth a penny.  Blood would be running 
   in the streets.  The Muslims would be out slaughtering every 
   Christian they could find.  That is just Muslim mentality.  It 
   is called by them "just revenge".  It is vengeance.  It is part 
   of their religion.  Let me ask another question.  Suppose the 
   situation in this world were reversed and it was the Muslims 
   who had all the high technology and world power, and Christians 
   had nothing, what do you think would happen?  Knowing the depth 
   of their hatred for the Christian it doesn't take much 
   imagination to figure it out.  We are very lucky that that is 
   not the case. 

   Nov 2002

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