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How can a country defend itself against an enemy like this?

   Bin Laden and his al Qaeda.  Hamas.  Hezbollah.  Muslim terror 
   groups worldwide.  Religious fanatics, products of an evil 
   book, with reputations for deceit, high treachery and violence.  
   Fanatics steeped in hatred, bent on sneaking into a country and 
   committing heinous crimes of mass murder and outrage against a 
   population in the name of their religion and their God.  How 
   can a country protect its population from people like this?  
   Perhaps one might get a good answer just by asking some first 
   graders in elementary school.  They would probably all say, 
   "You have to prevent them from getting into the country."  And 
   how do you keep such people from getting into your country?  A 
   fraud-proof national identification card plus a system that 
   requires its use on a continuing basis in order to live and 
   function in the country (like having to use it for all 
   financial transactions) would be a good start.  This would give 
   the government control over who lives in this country (as it is 
   now, we have millions of illegals here that the government 
   doesn't even know about).

   How does one describe the problem we are facing?  Here you have 
   a group of people so consumed with hatred that they will 
   dedicate their lives to your destruction.  In the name of God 
   and religion they set as their objective destroying you en 
   masse, using modern weapons of mass destruction.  Their object 
   is not just terrorism but your total destruction.  Their 
   actions against you reveal a hatred so deep and intense, so 
   dark and morbid, as to be unfathomable to the western mind.  
   Instead of fighting fairly, they accept no rules of war, act 
   without principle, have no moral restraints, attack the 
   unarmed, the most vulnerable --- the civilian population (men, 
   women and children).  Moreover, they appear to enjoy broad 
   support in the Muslim world.  They have their mullahs who back 
   them up and justify their behavior, they are backed with huge 
   sums of donated dollars, and are supported by large numbers of 
   Muslims worldwide who cheer them on in their actions, send them 
   money, dance in the street at their successes, and shield and 
   protect them from those who seek them.  How many Muslims 
   support them is unclear but surveys indicate that in at least 
   some Muslim countries the majority of Muslims do and in other 
   countries the percentages are high.  Yet in most of the Muslim 
   countries the governments are friendly to us.  So our enemy is 
   not some government that we can fight, attack or bomb, but 
   instead populations of people who hate us with a purple 
   passion.  How does one fight fanatical groups and segments of 
   populations but not governments?  What is the cause of all this 
   hatred?  Well, the main thrust of their hatred seems to be 
   toward Jews.  They seem to have a terrible, consuming hatred of 
   Jews particularly --- and then of all non-Muslims, in general.  
   And they hate us particularly because of our support of the 
   Jews.  They see the USA as being under the control of the Jews.  
   And the roots of this terrible hatred can be found right in 
   their holy book, the Koran.  At the bottom of it all are the 
   Muslim clerics, steeped in the Koran, steeped in the Koranic 
   rhetoric of hatred, who stir the people up into a terrible 
   hatred of the West and instigate and incite them into carrying 
   out, in the name of God, these evil, atrocious acts against us. 
   In what other religion do you find religious clerics doing 
   things like this?  And what does this simple fact alone say 
   about the religion? 

   So how do you fight an enemy like this?  It is the oceans of 
   petro dollars that have flooded the Middle East in the last 
   thirty years that has empowered them.  One might consider 
   stopping buying oil from them (and, also, stopping all trade 
   with them, in general).  One might also consider blatantly 
   discriminating against Muslims in regard to immigration --- 
   simply letting none of them come into this country.  And, as 
   for those who are already in this country, one might consider 
   expelling them.  One might also consider making the Islamic 
   religion illegal in this country.  Those are some ideas.  
   Another idea is to take over the entire Islamic world and 
   subjugate it, ruling it with an iron hand, monitoring the 
   clerics and imprisoning the troublemakers.  (There are those 
   who advocate the promotion of democracy in the Islamic world.  
   I am afraid that might be the very worst thing we could do.  
   Democracies over there could easily all end up as radical 
   fundamentalist Islamic states, all scheming to destroy us.  
   Considering the power and influence of the clergy in those 
   countries the kind of people who would be elected to office 
   could easily be Bin Laden and al Qaeda types.  Now how does a 
   large wall of countries run by those kinds of people sound to 

   Currently our main tactics in this war against terrorism 
   consist of  1. Pursuing the terrorists through intelligence, 
   and  2. Fortifying potential targets.  Common sense dictates 
   doing both but I have my doubts that we can ever fortify all of 
   the innumerable potential targets adequately and in our tactic 
   of pursuing the terrorists using intelligence we are using the 
   same tactic that we have been using in the drug war.  We 
   haven't won the drug war yet.  It has gone on endlessly and we 
   don't seem any closer to winning it than when we first started;  
   for every person we catch another pops up in his place.  I have 
   my doubts that this tactic will win the war on terrorism.  And 
   we just can't afford a protracted war on terrorism.  We can't 
   allow the war on terrorism to stretch on indefinitely.  Too 
   much is at stake.  The potential for high calamity is just too 
   high.  To get my meaning, envision in your mind some al Qaeda 
   types roaming amongst us with briefcases containing atomic 
   weapons.  Need one say more.  They could  present western man 
   with realities that were previously totally beyond his 
   imagination or mental comprehension.  Weapons of mass 
   destruction in the hands of Islamic terrorists could reduce 
   western civilization to total chaos and rubble, they could put 
   us back into the stone age.  It is just too horrible to 
   contemplate.  The West could find itself in one terrible, 
   surreal nightmare.  All of our resources for dealing with 
   disasters could be overwhelmed in a second.  We could find 
   ourselves in a horrid nightmare from which there was neither 
   remedy nor hope.  We could find ourselves up against an enemy 
   whose identity we didn't know, an enemy we that we couldn't 
   find and were unable to retaliate against.  It is just 
   something that we cannot let happen.  The possibility is very 
   real and really scary. (I don't think most of our politicians 
   are taking it seriously enough.  Otherwise there wouldn't be so 
   much political opposition to the kind of actions that need to 
   be taken to protect ourselves.)  We must depend on more than 
   just the tactic of pursuit in this war.  We must install 
   systems to secure this country and protect its people.  These 
   are very evil people that we are dealing with.  The future of 
   our civilization is lying in the balance.  In addition, in the 
   tactic of pursuing them, much of the pursuing takes place in 
   foriegn countries where we are dependent on others to do the 
   pursuing.  Many of these countries are Islamic countries where 
   we are depending on Muslims to pursue Muslims.  It might be 
   wisest to emphasize most those kinds of things that you can do 
   yourself rather than those things where you have to depend upon 
   others.  Keeping them out of this country is something you can 
   do yourself; pursuing them in foreign countries is something 
   for which you need to depend on the help of others. 

   Finding an alternative form of energy, a substitute for Middle 
   East oil, ought to be a very highest priority.  A total 
   economic embargo against the Islamic nations of the world might 
   do wonders over the long run.  

   Another important thing that ought to be done is a careful 
   review of all the liberal civil rights legislation that 
   Congress has passed over the years for its effect in impeding 
   the war on terror, intimidating and hindering law enforcement 
   officials in the type of aggressive investigation that is 
   needed, and in protecting terrorists in general.  And the same 
   kind of review should be done for all other legal impediments 
   to this war.  If we don't give up all these silly "rights" 
   that have been created for people now, it may be very much to 
   our regret in the end. 

   Aug 2002

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