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Stance of the Koran on Jesus and Christianity

   The Koran denies the Christian concept of the Trinity.  More 
   than that, it denies the divinity of Christ.  Its position is 
   that Jesus was just another human, a prophet, a good man.  
   Because the divinity of Christ is such a core teaching of 
   Christianity, one that underlies so many other teachings (such 
   as that of redemption through the blood of Christ), the Koran, 
   in essence, calls the teachings of Jesus and the early 
   Christian apostles a lie.  Most of the main teachings of      
   Christianity are predicated on the claims of Jesus, his claim 
   to be the son of God, of divine nature. The Koranic stance 
   denies this claim and amounts to a denial of all Christian 
   teaching and belief.  Jesus clearly claimed divinity.  So what 
   do we have here?  Six hundred years after the time of Christ an 
   angel supposedly manifested himself to Mohammed and told him 
   that Jesus was not the Son of God and claims to this effect 
   were a lie.  Since, according to the account of the Christian 
   apostles, Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, it is obvious 
   that someone was indeed lying --- the angel, Mohammed, Jesus or 
   the early Christian apostles.  There is lie and fraudulence 
   somewhere.  Thus we can say that one of the religions, either 
   Christianity or Islam, is based on a fraud.  So each of us has 
   to decide for himself where the fraudulence lies, where the 
   real truth lies.  The entire dispute between Christianity and 
   Islam reduces to this.  I will say something else:  In reading 
   the Koran how very often I have found myself thinking, "No 
   angel said this! These are the words of Mohammed himself!"  
   That was the way the words struck me.  The Koran lacks 
   credibility for me.  And I think the same would be true for 
   most objective, impartial minded people.  In fact the entire 
   Koran sounds to me like the words of a very human person and no 

   When we read the Koran we note that its accounts on Bible 
   history and events are generally twisted, warped, slanted and 
   greatly and imaginatively enhanced versions of what we find in 
   the Bible.  They often have fanciful elaborations not found in 
   the Bible and are often in conflict with the Biblical account.  
   When we read them we recognize them from the Old or New 
   Testament accounts but they often have a lot of exotic detail 
   that is slanted and twisted to conform with Islamic belief.  
   When we note the differences we have to wonder.  Are they due 
   to the angel correcting and expanding on the Biblical account?  
   Or are they perhaps due to a Mohammed who had a great 
   imagination, but a poor and careless knowledge of scripture?

   The Koran is militantly anti-Christian.  It represents a direct 
   rebutal to Christianity in its emphasis on there being "only 
   one God, no God but Allah".  This phrase itself is probably 
   meant as a direct hit against the Christian concept of the 


   5:17 Unbelievers are those who declare: "Allah is the Messiah, 
   the son of Mary."  {51} Believers, take neither Jews nor 
   Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. 
   Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their 
   number. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.  {54} Your only 
   friends are Allah, His apostle, and the faithful: those who 
   attend to their prayers, pay their alms-tax, and kneel down in 
   worship. Those who seek the friendship of Allah, His apostle, 
   and the faithful must know that Allah's followers are sure to 
   triumph.  {57} Believers, do not seek the friendship of the 
   infidels and those who were given the Book before you, who have 
   made of your religion a jest and a pastime.  {66} If the People 
   of the Book (i.e. Christians and Jews) accept the true faith 
   and keep from evil, We will pardon them their sins and admit 
   them to the gardens of delight.  {71} Unbelievers are those 
   that say: "Allah is the Messiah, the son of Mary."  Unbelievers 
   are those that say: "Allah is one of three."  There is one God. 
   If they do not desist from so saying, those that disbelieve 
   shall be sternly punished.  The Messiah, the son of Mary, was 
   no more than an apostle: other apostles passed away before him. 
   His mother was a saintly woman. They both ate earthly food.  
   {82} You will find the most implacable of men in their enmity 
   to the faithful are the Jews and the pagans, and that the 
   nearest in affection to them are those who say : "We are 
   Christians."  {116} Then Allah will say: "Jesus, son of Mary, 
   did you ever say to mankind: 'Worship me and my mother as gods 
   beside Allah?'"  "Glory to You," he will answer, "how could I 
   say that to which I have no right? If I had ever said so, You 
   would have surely known it. You know what is in my mind but I 
   cannot tell what is in Yours. You alone know what is hidden. I 
   spoke to them of nothing except what You bade me. I said: 
   "Serve Allah, my Lord and your Lord."  

   19:35 Such was Jesus, the son of Mary.  That is the whole 
   truth, which they are unwilling to accept.  Allah forbid that 
   He Himself should beget a son!  When He decrees a thing He need 
   only say : "Be", and it is. Allah is my Lord and your Lord: 
   therefore serve him. That is the right path. Yet the Sects are 
   divided concerning Jesus. But when the fateful day arrives, woe 
   to the unbelievers! Their sight and hearing shall be sharpened 
   on the day when they appear before Us. Truly, the unbelievers 
   are in the grossest error.  {88} Those who say: "The Lord of 
   Mercy has begotten a son" preach a monstrous falsehood, at 
   which the very heavens might crack, the earth break asunder, 
   and the mountains crumble to dust.  That they should ascribe a 
   son to the Merciful, when it does not become Him to beget one! 

   6:100 Yet they regard the jinn as Allah's equals, though He 
   Himself created them, and in their ignorance ascribe to Him 
   sons and daughters.  Glory to Him! Exalted be He above their 
   imputations!  He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth.  
   How should he have a son when He had no consort? 

   3:53 When Jesus observed that they had no faith, he said: "Who 
   will help me in the cause of Allah?"  The disciples replied: 
   "We are helpers of Allah. We believe in Him. Bear witness that 
   we have surrendered ourselves to him. Lord, we believe in Your 
   revelations and follow your apostle. Count us among Your 
   witnesses."  They plotted, and Allah plotted. Allah is the 
   supreme Plotter. He said: "Jesus, I am about to cause you to 
   die and lift you up to Me. I shall take you away from the 
   unbelievers and exalt your followers above them till the Day of 
   Resurrection. Then to Me shall you all return and I shall judge 
   your disputes. The unbelievers shall be sternly punished in 
   this world and in the world to come: there shall be none to 
   help them. As for those that have faith and do good works, they 
   shall be given their reward in full. Allah does not love the 
   evil-doer."  This revelation, and this wise admonition, We 
   recite to you. Jesus is like Adam in the sight of Allah. He 
   created him of dust and then said to him: "Be", and he was. 
   This is the truth from your Lord: therefore do not doubt it. To 
   those who dispute with you concerning Jesus after the knowledge 
   you have received, say: "Come, let us gather our sons and your 
   sons, our wives and your wives, our people and your people. We 
   will pray together and call down the curse of Allah on every 
   liar."  This is the whole truth. There is no god but Allah. It 
   is Allah who is the Mighty, the Wise One! If they give no heed 
   to you, Allah knows the evil-doers. 

   98:5 The unbelievers among the People of the Book (i.e. 
   Christians and Jews) and the pagans shall burn for ever in the 
   fire of Hell.  They are the vilest of all creatures.  But of 
   all creatures those that embrace the Faith and do good works 
   are the noblest.  God will reward them with the gardens of 
   Eden, gardens watered by running streams, where they shall 
   dwell for ever. 

   4:155 They denied the truth and uttered a monstrous falsehood 
   against Mary. They declared: "We have put to death the Messiah 
   Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah."  They did not 
   kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they thought they did 
   for he was made to resemble another for them. Those that 
   disagreed about him were in doubt concerning his death, for 
   what they knew about it was sheer conjecture; they were not 
   sure that they had slain him. Allah lifted him up in His 
   presence. He is mighty and wise.  {171} The Messiah, Jesus the 
   son of Mary, was no more than Allah's apostle and His Word 
   which he cast to Mary: a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah 
   and His apostles and do not say: "Three."  Forbear and it shall 
   be better for you. Allah is but one God. Allah forbid that He 
   should have a son! 

   9:30 The Jews say Ezra is the son of Allah, while the 
   Christians say the Messiah is the son of Allah. Such are their 
   assertions, by which they imitate the infidels of old. Allah 
   confound them! How perverse they are! They worship their rabbis 
   and their monks, and the Messiah the son of Mary, as gods 
   besides Allah; though they were ordered to serve one God only. 
   There is no god but Him. Exalted be He above those whom they 
   deify beside Him.  {34} Believers, many are the rabbis and the 
   monks who defraud men of their possessions and debar them from 
   the path of Allah. Proclaim a woeful punishment to those that 
   hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah's cause. 
   The day will surely come when their treasures shall be heated 
   in the fire of Hell, and their foreheads, sides, and backs 
   branded with them. Their tormentors will say to them: "These 
   are the riches which you hoarded. Taste then the punishment 
   which is your due."  

   2:135 They say: "Accept the Jewish or the Christian faith and 
   you shall be rightly guided."  Say: "By no means! We believe in 
   the faith of Abraham, the upright one. He was no idolater." 

   Mar 2002

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