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The AIDS Virus

   Reportedly, some godless person in the Abercrombie & Fitch 
   publication "A & F Quarterly" (a publication oriented towards 
   licentiousness and lewdness) stated mockingly that if the 
   Biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah were true, New York and 
   Los Angeles would have been burned to a crisp long ago.  What 
   do I have to say to that?  Well, I would say that if God did 
   rain fire from heaven and burned both to a crisp I doubt that 
   anyone would get the message.  People would just say that there 
   had been some great natural cataclysm and go on living in the 
   same wicked way, mocking and cursing God as much as ever.  When 
   people reach a certain state of immorality and wickedness they 
   become hardened and are unlikely to receive divine messages.  
   How about the AIDS virus?  It is a very interesting virus.  It 
   is a virus that is almost always fatal and  targets almost 
   exclusively, and with great precision, the immoral and wicked.  
   I think that is very interesting.  Not many diseases do that.  
   A god-fearing person might see God's hand in the great AIDS 
   epidemic.  He might see in it something analogous to the fire 
   and brimstone that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  I am sure 
   that far more wicked people have been killed by AIDS than were 
   killed in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  But how is 
   the AIDS virus viewed around the world?  Is it viewed as an act 
   of God --- divine punishment for great wickedness?  No.  It is 
   viewed as a terrible disease that must be eradicated with the 
   utmost urgency.  Why does this world get so uptight about AIDS?  
   Because it poses a direct threat to the wicked in a world that 
   is very wicked.

   What disease gets even close to the press attention of AIDS?  
   Why is there such a great call for eradicating it?  Could the 
   answer to that have something to do with the power of the 
   homosexuals around the world?  It is a disease that poses a 
   direct threat to them and their wicked, depraved lifestyle. 

   May 2000

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