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A criminal state

   A government agency takes a small boy away from his parents because 
   the parents employed physical means in disciplining him i.e. they 
   disciplined him in accordance with the Biblical injunction of 
   discipline by the rod.  You don't believe it?  It is happening.  Now 
   just imagine the human consequences of this government act.  Just 
   imagine the emotional trauma to both child and parent.  Is it 
   difficult to imagine that that single act by that government agency 
   completely destroys the life of that child --- that that act 
   completely smashes that child, ruins him?  Is it difficult to imagine 
   that when that child is taken away from the parents that he loved and 
   forcibly put in the care of someone else he turns against life, does 
   badly in school, becomes a juvenile delinquent, commits antisocial 
   acts, and ends up living a life spent mostly in prison?  If it had 
   happened to me I think that is what would have been the outcome.  It 
   would have caused me to carry an eternal hatred against society.  Can 
   we not call an act like this by a government agency criminal?  How 
   serious a crime is it?  How does it rate as crimes go?  Is it as 
   terrible a crime as murder?  Can we suggest that that act may well 
   have the consequence of damning the eternal soul of that child to an 
   everlasting hell?  How great a crime is that?  How great a wrong was 
   done to him?  Can we call this an outrageous crime of the grossest 
   degree?  And yet these government officials that are guilty of such 
   an outrageous crime do it with impunity and receive no punishment.  
   The government does it and it is not called crime. 

   Social engineering.  Liberalism, Progressivism, a modern social 
   movement characterized by faith in man and the mind of man as 
   opposed to faith in God and his teachings and commandments.  A 
   system of thought with origins in the philosophies of atheism 
   and agnosticism that has given us Socialism and Communism and 
   so permeated the thought of the modern world.  That system of 
   ideas, outlooks, assumptions and values that dominates and 
   powers the governmental institutions of 1990's America is the 
   same system that created and powered Russian Communism.  How 
   can these things happen in America?  The institutions of any 
   society are peopled by people drawn from the society and 
   reflect the ideas, attitudes, assumptions and values of the 
   society.  They mirror the society.  When the society changes, 
   its institutions change.  If the society degenerates and 
   becomes corrupt they degenerate and become corrupt. 

   Sept 1999

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