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IQ Concept

   I am Anti-System.  I have been since youth.  Why?  Where did 
   that bias come from?  What is the original source?  I think the 
   answer lies in one word: IQ.  The IQ concept, IQ tests.  From 
   the time I became aware of the idea of IQ I have been outraged 
   by it.  When I was in grade school, in perhaps the 6th or 7th 
   grade, I  had to take an IQ test.  I was angry.  The way I 
   handled it was to play cute games with it.  I started at the 
   back of the test and worked forward.  I answered so many 
   questions right and then so many wrong.  I played with one 
   pattern and then another.  I treated it with complete contempt.  
   I made sure that a large portion of the answers were wrong to 
   be sure of a absurdly low score.  You could force me to take 
   the test but you couldn't force me to be honest with it.  That 
   was the way I dealt with the test and if I were given another 
   test today I would deal with it in exactly the same way. 

   Do you speak of government invasion of privacy?  There is no 
   invasion of privacy in this society that compares with that of 
   the IQ test.  No one, absolutely no one, has a right to try to 
   measure another person's intelligence.  Not government, not any 
   institution, not anyone.  That is private information.  That is 
   information that no one has any right to know.  You don't have 
   a right to try to measure the intelligence of an adult and you 
   don't have a right to try to measure the intelligence of a 
   child.  There is nothing more personal and touchy than a 
   person's intelligence.  To try to put a number on it is wrong.  
   Very wrong.  IQ tests represent a monstrous injustice 
   perpetrated against man by our society.

   Where does my bias against the school system come from?  Where 
   does my bias against the field of psychiatry come from?  Where 
   does my distrust of government come from?  I think the original 
   source of all these biases of mine trace back to the IQ concept 
   and IQ tests. 

   Apr 1999

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