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Satan owns the workplace

   I believe that, with exceptions, Satan pretty much owns the 
   workplace in this country and perhaps everywhere throughout the 
   world for that matter.  In the job situation there is a very 
   good likelihood that you may find yourself under pressure to 
   lie, cheat, steal or act against conscience in some way or 
   other.  When crookedness and badness is the norm in a society 
   it is only to be expected that it will exist in the workplace 
   as it does everywhere else.  There is a great deal of badness 
   in this world, including in the workplace, and in the workplace 
   if you don't obey orders your job is in jeopardy.  If you are 
   not cooperative you can be in trouble.  In a world where jobs 
   are usually difficult to find and a job is a requirement if you 
   are to eat this creates a stressful situation.  When badness is 
   ruling, even if one is not explicitly asked to do something 
   wrong, I believe a God-fearing, moral, decent person is likely 
   to find himself discriminated against.  When badness rules a 
   good, decent person is not likely to be popular.  To fit in and 
   get along you have to go along.  The job situation is a 
   situation of dependence.  Whenever you are in a situation of 
   dependence you are highly vulnerable.  So what can you do?  You 
   can learn to live on little, save money, and create a degree of 
   financial independence for yourself.  That is one thing you can 
   do.  Or perhaps you can break away from the system and start 
   your own business.  That is another idea.  And then there is my 
   idea of the Christian Brotherhood.  Another possibility.  I, 
   personally, have a deep distrust of "The System".  I don't 
   trust it and I don't like it.  From youth I have always had the 
   dream of a self-sufficient life on a homestead out in the 
   country.  I have never done it but always dreamed of it. 

   The greatest of all human benefits, that, at least, without 
   which no other benefit can be truly enjoyed, is independence. 
                                                   Park Godwin 

   The word independence is united to the ideas of dignity and 
   virtue;  the word dependence, to the ideas of inferiority and 
                                                       J. Bentham 

   Let all your views in life be directed to a solid, however 
   moderate, independence;  without it no man can be happy, nor 
   even honest. 

   It is not the greatness of a man's means that makes him 
   independent, so much as the smallness of his wants. 

   Be and continue poor, young man, while others around you grow 
   rich by fraud and disloyalty;  be without place or power, while 
   others beg their way upward;  bear the pain of disappointed 
   hopes, while others gain the accomplishment of theirs by 
   flattery;  forego the gracious pressure of the hand for which 
   others cringe and crawl.  Wrap yourself in your own virtue, and 
   seek a friend and your daily bread.  If you have in such a 
   course grown gray with unblemished honor, bless God, and die. 

   Mar 1999

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