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Religious Liberalism; Humanism

   Religious liberalism.  Modernism.  Denial of the basic 
   teachings and tenets of the Bible.  Humanism dressed in 
   Christian clothes.  Humanism.  Faith in man and the mind of man 
   as opposed to faith in God.  What are we talking about?  What 
   is Humanism?  The Humanist Manifestos I and II follow.  Here in 
   these documents we find the religion that has been guiding, 
   shaping and molding America.  Here we find those ideas, 
   philosophies and values that have so influenced and permeated 
   the fabric of America.  Examine the attitudes and viewpoints 
   found in these documents.  Ask yourself if they are consistent 
   with true Christianity.  Look in them for the sources of the 
   moral relativism and moral permissiveness that so characterizes 
   modern America (and the rest of the western world as well).  
   Are not the outlooks here just atheism with another name?  And 
   what happens under an atheistic outlook?  Atheism leads 
   directly and logically to moral relativism.  Do away with God 
   and you have no moral authority.  Who is then to say what is 
   right and wrong?  Big Brother?  And without a God there is no 
   life after this one.  There is no divine punishment for 
   wrongdoing.  There is no final justice.  There is this life 
   only.  Without a God there is no hope.  All is dark, drab, 
   empty and meaningless. 

   In America religion and state are supposed to be separated.  
   But, in fact, this is not true.  There is a state religion.  
   The government exerts itself as a moral authority on social 
   issues; it is guided by an outlook, a philosophy, a set of 
   values, a philosophical or religious outlook.  Our government, 
   of necessity, has a philsophical or religious outlook.  And 
   this philosophical or religious outlook is Humanism.  Our 
   government outlook is stamped in its laws and policies.  Its 
   stance on such things as homosexuality shows that its outlook 
   is not Christian.  Our state religion is Humanism.  And that 
   state religion stands in deep conflict with my religion (and 
   most religions of the world, for that matter). 

   What is Humanism about?  It is about freedom and liberty. 
   Freedom and liberty to do whatever you please.  Moral license.  
   It is about equality.  All people are equal.  All conduct is 
   equal.  Right and wrong is all relative and subjective.  
   Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  It is about tolerance. 
   Tolerance towards all.  All lifestyles are equal.  Shocking 
   immorality and wickedness don't exist.  There is no God and who 
   is man to judge?  Under Humanism there is a sin.  It is 
   intolerance.  But with all its emphasis on tolerance Humanism 
   is not very tolerant towards those who disagree with it.  Those 
   who disagree with it are bigots.  And it is not very tolerant 
   towards bigots. 

Humanist Manifestos I and II

   Feb 1999

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