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How do I see the world?

   We are in America in the late Twentieth Century.  It is the 
   days of the Clinton presidency.  What does the world look like 
   through my eyes?  What do I see when I look around me?  I see 
   people everywhere pursuing the Way of Pleasure, Lie and Moral 
   Error, stubbornly rejecting the Way of Truth and Life. I see 
   immorality, gross immorality, depravity everywhere.  Immoral 
   conduct has become the norm.  Rich or poor, it makes no 
   difference.  Officials in high positions, movie stars, the 
   royalty of England, people I know, my own relatives.  It is 
   pervasive, everywhere.  Fornication, adultery, lying, 
   dishonesty, complete lack of moral principle.  It is 
   everywhere.  Everyone is doing it.  Hedonism.  The pursuit of 
   pleasure.  At this very moment the great and illustrious 
   leader of this great and wonderful land is probably having 
   sexual intercourse with some woman on top of the presidential 
   desk.  No big thing.  The same kind of thing is going on in 
   offices and homes everywhere.  I see a country that has simply 
   "lost it" morally.  I see no one that I can respect or believe 
   in or trust.  It is supposed to be a Christian land.  The 
   conservative Muslims, Hindus and Orientals live far closer to 
   the precepts of true Christianity then do the people of this 
   land.  I see a society that has lost its way.  It is lost.  It 
   doesn't know the way.  I live in a Sodom.  Moral knowledge is 
   gone from the land.

   I see more.  I see messed up lives and unhappy, miserable, 
   angry people.  I see people reaping the fruits of their own 
   way.  Ugly fruits that are the natural consequence of the way 
   of transgression against Moral Law.  I see people receiving the 
   natural consequences of their own wrong actions and then 
   cursing God and life. 

   I see a society that is very rapidly disintegrating, falling 
   apart.  And it doesn't have a clue as to why.  And if someone, 
   such as myself, were to tell them why he would be laughed to 
   scorn. I see a society in which that glue that holds things 
   together is rapidly disintegrating.

   I see no hope for my country.  For the individual there is 
   hope, however.  Anyone, if he has the courage and strength, can 
   turn away from the way of Badness and Error and walk in God's 
   way of Uprightness, Morality, Goodness and Truth and find peace 
   and happiness. 

   Apr 1998

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