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The Way of God and the Way of the World

   The Way of God is the way of honesty, uprightness, honor, 
      morality, chastity, goodness and virtue. 

   The Way of the World is the way of immorality, unchastity, 
      dishonesty and badness.  It is the way of Evil and 

   The Bible says that the way of this world leads to eternal 
      punishment in a hell of fire and brimstone prepared for 
      Satan and his angels and all who follow the ways of Evil.  
      The way of the masses leads to everlasting damnation.  To 
      follow the Way of God you must renounce and forsake the way 
      of the masses, turn to God, and follow his way.  You must 
      renounce the values, attitudes, outlooks and ways of the 
      masses and follow the way of Righteousness and Goodness. 

   The Way of God is the hard way. It requires character, 
      resolution, moral strength.  The Way of the World is the 
      easy way.  You just go along with the current. 

   Feb 1997

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