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The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is strict and stern

   Anyone who has seriously read the entire Bible (Old and New 
   Testaments) knows that the God of the Bible, the God of 
   Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is a stern, strict God.  He is not 
   permissive.  He has zero tolerance for sin.  For those who will 
   turn away from their sin and follow in his ways he is forgiving 
   and loving.  But for those who stubbornly walk in sin he is 
   unyielding and intolerant.  He could certainly be described by 
   such adjectives as stern, strict, intolerant, uncompromising 
   and narrow-minded.  He has called himself a jealous God who 
   permits the worship of no other Gods but him.  He laid down a 
   set of rules for the ancient Israelites that were to be followed 
   strictly with very severe penalties for breaking them (usually the 
   penalty of death).  He is a God who expects absolute obedience 
   and will accept nothing other. 

   It ought to be expected that anyone who loves such a God as 
   this and is committed to a life of obedience to him will 
   himself be stern, strict, uncompromising and intolerant.  Why?  
   Because that person, as a true child of God, will have the same 
   attitudes, values and outlooks as this God he serves.  He is 
   like him in spirit.  If the attitude of God on a particular 
   practice is that it is sin and completely unacceptable then the 
   attitude of his disciple will be the same.  He carries the same 
   attitude on it as God.  

   Thus if a follower of this God finds himself abused and called 
   intolerant because of his uncompromising attitudes toward 
   certain sins this abuse is not just abuse of him, it is also 
   abuse of the God he serves. 

   Dec 1996

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