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Teachings of Jesus

   Q.  What was the message of Jesus?  What did he preach?

   A.  He preached an urgent message of: "Repent!  Turn to God!  
      Turn away from your sin!  Live right -- live by the highest 
      standard of right!"  See Matt. 4:17.  He endorsed John the 
      Baptist who preceded him preaching the same message and had 
      John the Baptist baptize him.  Jesus spoke frequently of 
      hell and eternal damnation.  He taught that "unless your 
      righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees you 
      will in no way enter the kingdom of heaven".  He taught that 
      the unrepentant sinner would burn in an everlasting hell.  
      He preached essentially the same message as the great 
      prophets of the Old Testament: "Repent and turn to God!" 

   Q.  What was the standard of morality taught by Jesus?

   A.  It was the same standard as the Old Testament.  The Ten 
      Commandments.  Love God.  Do the right thing by your 
      neighbor.  Do not steal, murder or commit adultery.  Honor 
      your father and mother.  Like David of the Old Testament 
      Jesus emphasized the importance of "the rightness of the 
      heart", and of obeying the spirit of the law and not just 
      the letter.  The standard of morality taught by Jesus, in a 
      way, went even further than that of the Old Testament.  For 
      example, he said, "You have heard that it has been said, 
      'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy', but I 
      say to you, 'Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, 
      do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that 
      despitefully use you and persecute you'".   

   Q.  The New Testament teaches that the main purpose of Christ's 
      coming down to earth was to atone for the sins of man 
      through his death on the cross.  Did his death on the cross 
      atone for the sins of all men i.e. even the sins of the 
      wicked?  Or just for the sins those who love God and are 
      following in his way? 

   A.  If his work on the cross provided atonement for the sins of 
      the wicked even the wicked would go to heaven and we know 
      that will not happen.  It only provided atonement for the 
      sins of those who follow in God's way. 

   July 1997

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