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We are constantly surrounded with attractively packaged poisons being offered to us

   We are constantly surrounded with attractively packaged poisons 
   being presented to us for sale.  What am I talking about?  
   Cigarettes.  Alcohol.  Drugs.  Junk food of all kinds and 
   description that is high in sugar, salt, or fat.  All these 
   things are harmful to our bodies.  They are like poisons that 
   are being cleverly sold to us.  But these things that are 
   poison to our bodies are not the only poisons being sold.  
   There are also things being sold that are poisons to the soul 
   and spirit of man.  What am I talking about?  Pornographic 
   literature.  Lewd movies.  Most of the stuff being produced by 
   Hollywood.  The trash constantly being shown on TV that 
   glamorizes or sanctions immoral conduct.  All these things are 
   cleverly packaged deceptions.  We are constantly being 
   bombarded with lies and deceiving voices.  The air is so thick 
   with lies and deception that we can hardly find any truth 
   anywhere.  For every person who might provide us with sound 
   advice for body or soul there are a thousand people telling us 

   We are constantly beset by lies --- lies from without and lies 
   from within.  The world lies to us and our lower nature lies to 
   us.  Satan acts through the world without and our lower nature 
   within to deceive us.  He roams the earth like a predatory 
   animal (as the Bible says, a "roaring lion") endeavoring to 
   deceive people and harvest their souls for himself. 

   Sept 1996

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