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On self-esteem

   For people to like themselves they have to be the kind of 
   person they can respect and like.  They must be honest, 
   upright, just, kind and good.  They have to be the kind of 
   person that acts right and does the right thing.  They have to 
   be a person who does the things he ought to do.  They cannot 
   respect or like themselves if they lie, cheat, steal, shirk 
   their responsibilities and moral duties, or have no moral 

   If a person has low self-esteem he must first ask himself if he 
   is measuring himself by the right measure.  Are his values as 
   to what is important right?  Or has society tricked him into 
   false values and wrong measures?  What are the false values and 
   measures that society tricks people into using? 

      - measuring according to mental or physical abilities or 

      - measuring on the basis of material success (big houses, 
          expensive cars, social position, good jobs, wealth, 

   What are the right values and right measures by which to 
   measure yourself and others?  The right values and measures are 
   those God uses in his evaluation of us.  He doesn't make his 
   evaluation on the basis of things that are in our genes, things 
   we can't change or do anything about (i.e. abilities and 
   talents that he has given to some of us and not to others).  
   He, instead, will make his judgments on the basis of what we 
   have done with what we have and the degree to which we have 
   lived true to his moral law.  In other words, the true values 
   are moral values and the measure by which we should judge 
   others and ourselves is the moral measure.  What do we mean?  
   God measures us on the basis of how honest, upright, just, 
   compassionate and good we are and that is the measure by which 
   we should measure ourselves and others. 

   Sept 1996

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