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Foolishness is attracted to foolishness, wisdom is attracted to wisdom

   Foolish people are attracted to foolish people.  Wise people 
   are attracted to wise people.  Who does the ignorant, foolish 
   person go to when he needs help?  Usually to someone else as 
   ignorant and ill-informed as himself.  Who does the wise person 
   go to?  He goes to another wise, well-informed person.  
   Ignorance is attracted to ignorance.  Foolishness is attracted 
   to foolishness.  Wisdom is attracted to wisdom. 

   At the bottom of it all is outlook and values.  The foolish 
   have one set of outlooks and values.  The wise have another 
   set.  The wise possess a love for Truth and Knowledge that the 
   foolish just don't possess. 

   Sept 1996

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