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Two kinds of people

   There are two kinds of people.  There are those people who expect 
   to get anything they want from life through hard work and their 
   own honest effort.  These people are honest, hardworking and self-
   reliant.  And then there is a very different type of person.  This 
   is the person who expects to get those things he wants in life by 
   lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating, etc. (i.e. by whatever 
   devious scheme or trick he can devise for getting them).  The 
   first person is an individual of integrity, character and 
   discipline.  The second is a person devoid of character; a lazy, 
   unprincipled person who wants to get everything the easy way 
   (without working for it).

   Underlying these two personalities are two opposing philosophies 
   toward life.  The first person is actuated by a philosophy that 
   believes in integrity and moral law.  The second person is driven 
   by a philosophy that accepts no moral law.

   July 1996

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