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Welfare and the facts of life

   People are slaves. They are slaves due to their basic need for 
   food and shelter.  The demands of their stomach makes slaves of 
   them all.  I see the hordes of humanity out being driven by 
   their stomach, competing in a harsh world whose basic law is 
   survival of the fittest (the law of the jungle).  They all 
   serve under a yoke arising from their stomach.  If they don't 
   work they don't eat. 

   People don't work because they want to.  They work because they 
   have to.  The work world is harsh with many stresses.  Most 
   people would gladly leave it if they could. 

   Suppose you were to offer the people of a society a free ticket 
   entitling them to free food, shelter and cash for life, a 
   present from the government.  If you did this the line of 
   people wanting it would be endless.  It would be like offering 
   them a million dollar lottery ticket for free.  People would be 
   willing to lie, cheat and steal for it and many people would 
   kill for it.  Almost everyone would line up for it.  Now 
   suppose you offered people such a ticket under the single 
   proviso that they "make a baby" outside the bonds of marriage.  
   If you made this offer in most societies of the world people 
   just wouldn't be able to believe their ears.  Here they are 
   being offered the best gift anyone could ever offer in return 
   for doing something that is just so much fun and something they 
   would like to do anyway.  In most parts of the world such an 
   offer would be quite astounding.  Here in the USA, however, 
   such an offer wouldn't be a big thing, of course.  Everyone 
   knows our government has presented us with such an offer.  It 
   is a standing offer.  It is the offer presented to us by our 
   welfare system.  It is an offer presented to at least all 
   females here (men, to reap the benefits, must find some 
   girlfriend who is a participant who will let them move in). 

   In general people either are forced to face the basic facts of 
   life by working and supporting themselves or they are shielded 
   from having to face them because someone else is supporting 
   them (as with children under the care of their parents, non-
   working wives dependent on their husbands and the welfare types 
   being supported by the government) or because they are on a 
   pension or have money stashed away (savings or inheritance). 

   June 1996

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