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Source of the personality traits of self- reliance and independence

   I wonder if the personality traits of self-reliance and 
   independence have their roots in anti-social feelings and 
   attitudes in early childhood?  I am myself extremely self-reliant 
   and independent.  I wonder where the traits came from in myself.  
   Are they innate, in the genes?  I don't think so.  I think they are 
   from feelings and outlooks of early childhood.  I am a person who 
   never asks for favors of anyone.  Why?  I don't want to be 
   indebted to anyone.  I want to be unentangled, free to do the 
   right and rational thing, without other considerations.  I don't 
   want any entanglements that might interfere with my ability to act 
   in a right, rational way.  And, in general, I don't trust humanity 
   much or have a very high regard for the average person.  And I 
   think these feelings go back to my early childhood.  I have been a 
   loner since childhood, never gregarious, never really trusting 
   people too much -- trusting neither their motives, values or 
   intellects.  I have always wanted to be free to use my own reason, 
   follow my own way.  If you get too socially and emotionally 
   involved you lose that freedom.  From early childhood my intuition 
   has always guided me in the direction of independence, self-
   reliance and reason and against dependence, gregariousness, and 
   social entanglement.  I believe what I am today in this regard is 
   a direct result of conscious decisions made in early childhood. 

   Apr 1996

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