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Purpose of life

   Purpose of Life.  To serve God.  To serve him out of love. 

   Q. What does serving the Lord our God consist of?  How do we 
     serve him? 

   A. By living justly and uprightly in this world.  By living a 
     chaste, good life, eschewing badness and evil.  By resisting 
     the temptations of this world.  By struggling against the 
     badness and inclination towards evil that lies within us.  By 
     resisting our lower nature, the flesh, out of love for him. 
     We conduct ourselves according to the values, outlooks and 
     wishes of the Lord our God out of love for him, allegiance to 
     him.  We turn from evil and resist it out of love for him.  
     We fight a constant battle.  We triumph over badness within 
     ourselves.  And when we fail we know that he is 
     understanding, merciful and forgiving and will forgive us.  
     Those of us who love and serve him are his children and he 
     watches over his own. 

   Jan 1996

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